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Perps Who Vandalized McNabb's Arizona House Get Busted

Jan 21, 2009 – 12:15 AM
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Will Brinson

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The news "broke" (it had inexplicably been overlooked and unmentioned by the police leading up to the game) recently that Donovan McNabb's offseason home in Arizona was vandalized by some less-than-intelligent perps. Criminals so wise, in fact, that they left return-addressed evidence at the scene of the crime.

The natural course of criminological events would be, of course, that several teenagers got arrested for the crimes, subsequently stuck with long-lasting juvenile records and by the time both those things happened, the whole thing would have blown out of our collective mind.

Or, alternately, they could be just two older, dumb drunks. (They had to be drunk, right?) Whatever, they're still busted.
Favazzo said officers found an address label on the box that had been left, and it led to Chandler resident Rex Perkins, 37, who later admitted to the pranks.

His co-worker, Ryan Hanlon, 28, also admitted to the pranks.

Perkins and Hanlon were fingerprinted, photographed and cited for misdemeanor criminal damage.
So, really, what's the bigger crime? That these two guys decided to use diesel gasoline to burn slogans for their football team into an opposing player's lawn in the middle of the night? Or the fact that all they got charged with was misdemeanor criminal damage?

I'm sure that most folks will opt for the former. That's fine, but a misdemeanor? For setting a lawn on fire while people were sleeping? Really? Really. The only way anyone should be remotely fine with this is if both guys land with Sheriff Joe Arpaio for a year and a half.
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