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Lingerie Bowl Canceled Over Nakedness

Jan 26, 2009 – 10:21 PM
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JJ Cooper

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The Boss' halftime show is safe.

Lingerie Bowl VI has been canceled because of a dispute between the organizers and the nudist colony that was going to host the event. The game, which was supposed to air as a pay-per-view event during halftime of the Super Bowl, was sure to siphon off dozens of fans from the game. But the nudist colony wouldn't promise that its fans wouldn't show up in the buff, so the organizers called off the game. The St. Petersburg Times has all the details, as explained by staff writer Emily Nipps.

The explanation for the cancellation doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and seems to indicate that the Lingerie Bowl was headed for financial disaster. The game had struggled to find a place to play, and the players had not been happy about playing at a nudist resort.

Because of all that, the "league" said it had no choice but to call it quits.
"The league will not place our fans, players, staff nor partners in a less-than-comfortable environment that would ultimately jeopardize the mainstream perception and reputation of the brand that so many have worked diligently over these past five years to build," the league's Stephon McMillen said.
So yes, the organizers of a football game played by women in bras and panties were worried that the integrity and wholesome family atmosphere of their game would be ruined by having naked men and women in the stands. And somehow, they hadn't figured out that might happen when they signed up to have the game played at a nudist resort.

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