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Aaron Rodgers Claims Brett Favre Isn't Returning His Calls

Jan 30, 2009 – 2:30 PM
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Bruce Ciskie

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Ever since the day Brett Favre originally "retired", Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been in quite the pressure cooker. While his team did indeed finish the season 6-10, Rodgers played quite well. He also got to show his toughness by playing through a potentially nasty shoulder injury.

Rodgers vacationed for a time after the season ended, but has been in Tampa this week for Super Bowl festivities. Earlier in the week, he stopped by a radio show co-hosted by Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin. Instead of begging for a tryout with the Cowboys, Rodgers sat down with Irvin and Kevin Kiley to talk about the season. Oh, and Brett Favre.

It was there that Rodgers, who didn't talk much about Favre during the season, opened up perhaps more than anyone figured he would.

He claims he has not spoken to Favre in over a year. Seriously. Read the transcript.
MI: Wait, wai, wai, wait. When you were playing together, how much speaking did he do with you.

AR: I mean, it was me and him. The last year, '07, we had no other quarterback on the roster, it was me and him, you know, we'd see each other every day, jog around with each other every day, you know he knew how I felt about him, that I had the utmost amount of respect for him, you know...and to not have talked to him in over a year? That's disappointing.

MI: Through all of this, going back and forth, putting you in the position that you were in – and it was a tough position – it was a tough position because now you're sitting having to respect him for what he has done, dealing with it, and let's just get real here that the pain of him not calling, or talking, or saying 'this is what's happening, this is what's going on'...after all of that, he still hasn't talked to you?


AR: No.

(A few seconds later)

MI: Why will you not reach out to him?

AR: Oh, I did. I did.

MI: You called him and he didn't call you back?

AR: Yep.
It's one thing for Rodgers to say they haven't spoken, but also that he hasn't exactly been trying to get a hold of the guy. That happens. It would be hard to blame Favre for that.

That's not what Rodgers is claiming, though.

While it was odd to hear of Rodgers talking so frankly and openly, it's still weird to think of Brett Favre as being potentially a bit of a, well, jerk.

There may come a day where Favre can come back to Wisconsin and be cheered like a retired hero, but that day is not coming anytime soon, in all likelihood. Packer fans did not necessarily take well to how he treated the organization after he mishandled his "comeback". For the most part, Rodgers was treated well in 2008, and by all accounts, he treated the fans and his teammates very well. It was the start to what should be a wonderful tenure for him in Green Bay.

Too bad his predecessor hasn't handled things a little better.
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