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Tiger Woods Is Not a Fan of Tipping

Feb 2, 2009 – 4:17 PM
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Shane Bacon

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An older man out at the country club I played at as a boy used to always say, "Want a tip? Don't play golf in a lightning storm." He thought it was hiii-larious.

Tiger Woods would probably laugh at my old friend because, according to the New York Post, Woods, who is projected to be the first-ever billionaire athlete by 2010, doesn't like to tip. Like, at all.
"Whenever Tiger was in Las Vegas, there was a woman who would hang out with his group, sort of as a local guide," says our source. "They would have a great time but Tiger never tips. Ever. She had to stop going out with him because it would cost her three or four hundred bucks every time they went out, since she had to keep tipping for him. Even though he paid the bill, people knew her, so [to not leave a gratuity] would reflect badly on her."
Like Stephanie Stradley points out, most bad tippers (like Tiger) probably never had to work in the service industry. They've never tended bar or waited tables or scrubbed clubs at a golf course because they were too busy being really awesome at their respective sports.

What doesn't add up is how crazy this seems for someone like Tiger, who might be as smart an athlete as there is in our world. The guy went to Stanford, designs golf courses, and is interested in learning about everything he pursues in both his athletic life and his business life. How can he, at the very least, not know to double the tax?

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