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Titans to Wear Oiler Jerseys in HOF Game Against Bills

Feb 3, 2009 – 3:00 PM
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Stephanie Stradley

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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the AFL, the Titans will wear Houston Oiler jerseys in the Hall of Fame game against the Buffalo Bills. Is it really a great idea to start your season with a jersey choice that will remind everyone of the biggest chokejob in NFL playoff history?

Actually, for Titan fans, that bit of history probably is good for them. It is quite possible that loss combined with Titans owner Bud Adams' poorly-timed, ham-fisted attempts to get a new stadium in Houston were instrumental to Tennessee getting their team.

The Titans will also be wearing the jerseys in their game against the Jets. I'm not sure who finds this an appealing jersey choice.

When Adams first brought the Oilers to Tennessee, he tried to go back on his word to change the team name and persuade them to keep the name Oilers. The locals were not amused and forced him to change the name to something they found more suitably reflected their particular idiom.

Houston Texan fans aren't terribly happy about the "throwback" Oiler jerseys being worn by the Titans. It is bad enough that Bud Adams stole the team, but he also stole a team history that means nothing to a Tennessee fanbase that wanted to ditch that name.

This is reason number 234,594,349 that most Texan fans hold Adams in lower esteem than Brown fans hold Art Modell.
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