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David Buehler: World's Strongest Kicker

Feb 21, 2009 – 3:10 PM
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Ryan Wilson

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The NFL Network's first day of combine coverage just ended, and here's a quick recap: Alabama's Andre Smith -- all 800 pounds of him* -- went missing Saturday morning, while South Carolina's Jared Cook made himself some money by running 4.5 40-yard dash, the second fastest time by a tight end this decade.

But perhaps the story of the combine -- at least until Rich Eisen runs the 40 again -- is USC kicker David Buehler. Specialists -- kickers, punters, long snappers -- also get invited to the combine but never get any airtime because, well, the only thing worse than watching offensive linemen lift weights and run the cone drill is watching kickers, punters and long snappers do it.

Whatever. Eisen, wrapping up Saturday's coverage, gave Buehler an honorable mention for performance of the day (Mike Mayock, like JJ, went with Cook). The USC kicker bench-pressed 225 pounds 25 times. For some perspective, that bettered 27 offensive linemen, including Michael Oher and Eugene Monroe.

Then Buehler busted out a 4.6-ish 40-yard dash. And apparently, he's actually a pretty good kicker, too. More importantly, though (and I'm stilling this line from Gretz), imagine how many paper towel holders Buehler could destroy with his brute strength. And unlike Skippy, he's fast enough to outrun the cops, too.

* exaggeration
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