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Marvin Harrison Asks to Be Released

Feb 22, 2009 – 10:15 PM
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Matt Snyder

Matt Snyder %BloggerTitle%

Marvin Harrison is either delusional or incredibly selfish. After reportedly refusing to take a pay cut from the Colts, in order to help the team get down close to the salary cap, he's instead asked for his outright release. (Update: The Colts have granted Harrison's release.)

It's true that Harrison is one of the best receivers of all time, and he's most certainly the best in the Colts' franchise history. It's also true that his team was badly in need of budget cuts. His cap number for 2009 -- $13.4 million -- would have been the highest in the NFL for a wide receiver.

Basically, he would have cost his team more than any other receiver in the league, yet he only caught 60 passes for 636 yards and five touchdowns last season. He's old -- he'll be 37 when the season starts -- and hasn't been himself for the past two seasons. Sure, 2007 was an injury-riddled year, but he hasn't been even remotely productive when on the field.

Many players take pay cuts because they realize they'll be out of work if they don't. Many others do so because they'd prefer to play for a good football team and would like to help the team who has been loyal to them over the years. Harrison logged 13 years with the Colts, and they always took care of him from a salary standpoint -- as his cap number proves.

I guess Harrison is helping the Colts' budget in his own way, though, because he'd rather just pack up and leave the only team he's ever known than help them. Make no mistake about this, it's a complete slap in the face to the organization who has treated him so incredibly well over these years. There were many of the opinion -- including myself -- that the Colts should have just cut him right away. Instead, they tried to work to restructure his deal. They weren't being unreasonable in the least with this request. His contract, at this point, was ludicrous compared to his market value. They were likely just being loyal as they always have been with him.

Some people just don't "get it," and we can now add Marvin Harrison to that list.

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