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Shaq Calls LeBron's Intro 'Weak,' Makes Up One of His Own

Mar 22, 2009 – 1:30 PM
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Brett Pollakoff

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PHOENIX -- By now you've probably seen what LeBron James and the rest of his Cavalier teammates are doing at the end of their pregame introductions. As shown there on the right, James pretends to hold a camera and take a picture of his teammates, who willingly pose in front of the team's superstar for their portrait.

It's been well-received, and some even say it's a gesture from LeBron to share some of the spotlight with his teammates. But Shaquille O'Neal calls the intro "weak," and made his first attempt at a better one before the Suns faced the Wizards on Saturday.

"Everybody always talks about LeBron's weak intro, so I challenge LeBron to intros," O'Neal said. "Alright? So he does his little camera thing, we did our bowling thing, we'll let the people decide. If he changes his intro, then I'm going to change my intro."

So whose do you like better? I'll give the edge to LeBron, just because his seems a little less contrived. But let's hope he does change it up so we can see more of what Shaq might have to offer, because he says the ideas are limitless.

"I've got 100 million intros in my abdulla oblongata," O'Neal said.
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