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Jose Calderon Wines and Dimes

Mar 30, 2009 – 8:58 AM
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Tom Ziller

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Every night there are some stupendous, silly, stupid, or downright outlandish individual lines from around the "lig." Doing Lines lets you know which one tops the list.

The disappointments have appeared nearly across the board in Toronto. An undersold problem, though, has been the inability of one Jose Calderon to fully grasp his role as the full-time starter at point guard. Calderon has been good offensively ... but not as consistent as he had been sharing duties.

Sunday's fantastic performance, then, served more as a reminder of what the Raptors expected when lavishing Calderon with a lucrative $45 million, five-year contract last summer. J.C. racked up 22 points and 19 assists against the Bulls, punishing Kirk Hinrich and Derrick Rose alike. Toronto won its fourth straight game.

Ben Gordon had himself a ball in this one, too, with 37 points on 26 FGAs. He's a free agent this summer, people.

Young Jedi: Spencer Hawes battled old man Shaq with 20 points, 10 rebounds and two blocks. Shaq did his business (24/9), but Sacramento got the win. And here's the dagger:
I saw 'Kazaam' in theaters when I was kid. That's how much I looked up to that guy.
Oof, kid. Invoking Kazaam is sure to get you a beatdown next time around.

Snake Eggs: I feel obligated to note that Mikki Moore had a fantastic game for Boston, with 12 points (on a parade of dunks) and 11 rebounds. To borrow a joke, this will come in handy when Boston meets Oklahoma City in the playoffs.
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