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Let Healing Begin for Redskins, Campbell

Apr 3, 2009 – 10:30 AM
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Ryan Wilson

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On Wednesday, word leaked that the Redskins were actively pursuing Jay Cutler. The Bears (the Bears!?) would eventually land him, which meant that a) Washington, perhaps for the first time in the Dan Snyder era, didn't outbid another team for a player's services, and b) the organization had some fence-mending to do with the guy caught in the middle of all this: incumbent quarterback Jason Campbell.

Yesterday I called Campbell the new Cutler because in publicly lusting after the Cutler, the Redskins would have to move Campbell to avoid the situation the Broncos found themselves after word leaked that they were interested in Matt Cassel.

With Cutler in Chicago and Campbell still in Washington ... well, let the healing begin! At least that's the front office's hastily-cobbled-together plan.
Concerned that Campbell could feel alienated, Redskins Coach Jim Zorn reached out to him yesterday ... Zorn reaffirmed his commitment to Campbell and said they were "in it together," Campbell said.

Campbell, Zorn, Cerrato and Snyder are expected to meet soon in an attempt to continue the healing process, sources close to Campbell said, with the team at some point planning to issue a statement of confidence in its former first-round draft pick, possibly as early as today. Snyder and Cerrato did not attempt to speak with Campbell yesterday while he was at the complex, Campbell said.
Wow, that's awkward. Luckily, that "statement of confidence" should fix everything.

To his credit, Campbell is handling the situation much better than the guy Snyder was trying to replace him with. "Jim [Zorn] was honest with me about the whole process and everything that went on, and you appreciate it when people tell you the truth," Campbell told the Washington Post. "I know Jim has been behind me and believes in me, and I have the support of my coaches and my teammates, and that's pretty much all you need..."

Campbell's right -- if your coaches and teammates are behind you, that's pretty much all that matters -- but I have to think that he's bothered by the talk that the team was willing to part with him for a second-round pick, and that Cutler would finally solve their quarterback issues. Who knows how he responds, but this much is certain: if Campbell gets off to a slow start and Cutler plays out of his mind early in the season, that's all we'll be hearing about. Well, that and the requisite calls for Colt Brennan.

Lost in all this? Eight games into the 2008 season, when the Redskins were sporting a nifty 6-2 record, Ron Jaworski called Campbell his "first-half MVP." That's high praise from a pretty smart dude. This isn't to suggest that Campbell's better than Cutler, just that maybe the quarterback position isn't the biggest obstacle between the Redskins and a championship.
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