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2009 NBA Ping Pong Derby Set

Apr 17, 2009 – 4:09 PM
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Tom Ziller

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The NBA held coin flips today to break ties in draft ordering for lottery and playoff teams alike. Betty over there is making sure no one slipped a lead bearing into the Clippers' balls in advance of the May 19 that will decide who gets Blake Griffin, who gets Ricky Rubio (maybe), and who gets the tissue box.

After the jump, the final odds at the No. 1 pick for each lottery team.

1. Sacramento Kings: 25%

The Kings clinched the worst record in the league on Michael Finley's gnashing three on Sunday night. The Kings have picked No. 1 only once in the Sacramento era. Miss you, Pervis.

2. Washington Wizards: 17.8%

The Wizards won a coin flip against the Clippers today to earn one extra combination out of a thousand. The real benefit comes if two or three infidels come leaping up into the top three -- Washington can pick no lower than fifth, while the Clippers could be pushed to sixth.

3. L.A. Clippers: 17.7%

The league doesn't typically release which combination wins any particular lottery. But rest assured that if the Wizards win, Clips fans will wonder in eternity if that combination belonged to them.

4. Oklahoma City Thunder: 11.9%

It's a bit frightening to realize The Thunder have a 12% chance to add Blake Griffin to this core.

5. Minnesota Timberwolves: 7.6%

Minnesota won a coin flip over Memphis for the extra 0.1% shot. Hurrah!

6. Memphis Grizzlies: 7.5%

Without doing the math, it seems Memphis has had the worst lottery luck of any team this decade, between the LeBronstakes and 2007 (never forget). The Grizz would be happy to collect on lost karma this time around.

7. Golden State Warriors: 4.3%

Who will be the next Ike Diogu/Patrick O'Bryant/Brandan Wright?

8. New York Knicks: 2.8%

"Say Betty, why are you putting those ping pong balls in the freezer? Hey ... wait a min--"

9. Toronto Raptors: 1.7%

Toronto finds itself in the Steve Schanwald Memorial [Expletive]-Eating Grin position.

10. Milwaukee Bucks: 1%

Scott Skiles willed the Bucks to a coin flip win over the Nets. Charlie Villanueva tweeted "Heads" in mid-air. Re-sign him!

11. New Jersey Nets: 0.9%

No matter where the Nets pick, nothing will let us forget the Brook Lopez Green Room Experience. "LAWRENCE FRANK?!"

12. Charlotte Bobcats: 0.7%

A 7-out-of-1,000 chance? I bet MJ would take action on that.

13. Indiana Pacers: 0.6%

Seems like a crummy consolation prize.

14. Phoenix Suns: 0.5%

I would be convinced the Basketball Gods hate America if Robert Sarver was rewarded with the top pick.
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