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Mike Holmgren: I'll Be Back in 2010

May 13, 2009 – 10:57 AM
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Michael David Smith

Michael David Smith %BloggerTitle%

Mike HolmgrenJust five months after walking away from the Seattle Seahawks, Mike Holmgren says he already has the itch to get back to football, and he expects to be in the league in some capacity in 2010.

Holmgren told KJR in Seattle (via Sports Radio Interviews) that he was so excited during NFL draft weekend that he had to remind himself that he's no longer part of any NFL team.

"I really had to check myself and say, 'Listen, I'm don't have to get all worked up like this anymore for this right now,'" Holmgren said. "One of my purposes of taking a year off was one, how I would react to that and then kind of decide after that and react to that and see what the future held. You do something for so long and enjoy it so much, I think that's human nature that you're going to miss it."

It's interesting that Holmgren makes a point of referring to what he's doing now as "taking a year off." This is the first year of Holmgren's life that he hasn't been involved in football in some capacity, and it sounds like one year is going to be enough for him.

But what capacity will Holmgren return in? Although he's a Super Bowl-winning coach and could find a head-coaching gig if he wants one, he says he's open to working in a front office rather than on the sidelines.

"I plan to go back to work," Holmgren said. "Now, where and what capacity that is really pretty vague. I'm going to be open. I'm looking at the hires recently and they're hiring young coaches for one thing, and I'm a little bit of a dinosaur. I am going to be open to about any possibility."

Although Holmgren's final season in Seattle was a disappointing one, I don't think he's a dinosaur at all. He's a sharp football mind, and whatever team hires him in 2010 will be glad it did.
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