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Report: Peavy Deal 'Unlikely'

May 21, 2009 – 2:50 PM
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Tom Fornelli

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Have you heard? The White Sox and Padres have agreed to a deal that would send Jake Peavy to Chicago for what is being reported as four players, two of which are believed to be Clayton Richard and Aaron Poreda. The teams have agreed to the deal and now the only thing we need to sit around and wait for is Peavy's approval.

There was some doubt that Peavy will accept the deal because of possible apprehension about either playing for Ozzie Guillen, playing in the American League, or pitching in US Cellular Field. The San Diego Union Tribune's Tom Krasovic originally reported the deal, and now according to Krasovic, it's "unlikely' this trade is going to go through.
It's unlikely the Padres will trade ace pitcher Jake Peavy to the Chicago White Sox, though the clubs discussed a 4-for-1 swap and Peavy has heard from a White Sox player who told him he would love for Peavy to become a teammate.

It's far more likely that Peavy will start for the Padres on Friday against the Chicago Cubs at Petco Park, according to people close to the pitcher.
Though White Sox reliever Scott Linebrink, who talked to Peavy about the trade, stressed in a radio interview that Peavy has no problems with the AL, Guillen, or the White Sox, Krasovic's article says he's still weary of pitching in the American League.

Peavy's agent, Barry Axelrod, told FanHouse's Jeff Fletcher around mid-day on Thursday that Peavy still "has a strong preference of being a National League player." Axelrod also said he's not even sure that the deal has been consummated, pending Peavy's approval.

"We aren't privvy to the inner-workings between the Padres and White Sox," Axelrod told FanHouse. "All we know is there was an inquiry. Jake was strongly preferential to the NL vs. AL, and there was an inquiry to whether he'd consider an AL team, specifically the White Sox. Nobody told us a deal was done or close to being done or would be done."

Axelrod said he also knew of no timetable for Peavy to make a decision.

Whether this deal goes through or not, it's a huge swing for the White Sox. If they add Peavy to their rotation they immediately become a strong contender for the AL Central. If not, well, then they're just a mediocre contender for the AL Central because you'd have to be winless on the season to be out of the race.

As for Peavy, it's tough to tell if turning the deal down would be a good idea. Odds are the Cubs are still interested in getting him, but whether or not they have enough players San Diego wants is unclear. The reality is there may not be very many teams left with enough to move for Peavy, let alone teams that are in contention.

Personally I have a feeling this is all going to fall through, and no deal will be made. Peavy may realize that the Padres have to trade him, but he seems a bit gun shy about actually moving. Plus the idea of moving from PetCo Park to US Cellular Field has to give any pitcher the chills, and to know he'll be pitching there for four more years could be downright terrifying.
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