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Donte Greene Saves Woman's Life in Memorial Day Boating Accident

May 27, 2009 – 4:00 PM
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Will Brinson

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Donte Greene probably isn't considered an on-court "hero." That's okay, because this Memorial Day, the Twitter-happy Sacramento Kings forward was a straight-up stud, rescuing a young lady from a potentially fatal boating situation.

Apparently, Donte and a few of his friends ventured to American River and, while wrapping up their holiday boating activities, a woman, who was untying the ladder on her boat, fell off the back when the boat was started without her knowing. Donte, realizing she couldn't swim, dove right in and saved her life.
So, I didn't know, I thought she could swim, she couldn't swim, I think I'm a swimmer, I was a lifeguard coming up in high school. So, I guess I just reacted and just jumped in, someone threw her a life preserver and I pulled her in to a boat (someone else's) - almost got run over by one..."
It's not so crazy that this situation unfolded -- it happens a lot on Memorial Day, although I would caution most boat owners to learn the art of swimming first -- insomuch as it is just flat out awesome that Green didn't hesitate, dove right in the water and saved the woman from either drowning or a blunt-force-trauma to the head.

And, of course, he Tweeted about it. But don't let that fool you into thinking this was anything remotely resembling hubris: as he said later in an interview (the same one from above), it was "just instinct." And, man, I'll tell you what; the humility and the bravery that Green flashed throughout this whole process is a prime example of actions by athletes that needs more attention in this world filled with Brett Favre selfish media hogs.

Athletes to the Rescue

    Kings player Donte Greene reportedly jumped into a river and pulled out a woman who couldn't swim during Memorial Day, according to KHTK in Sacramento. The forward said he was a lifeguard in high school and just reacted to the situation. Click through to see some other heroes from the world of sports.

    Rocky Widner, NBAE/Getty Images

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    In October, UFC fighter Goran Reljic saved the lives of two men whose car plummeted into the Adriatic Sea. Reljic dove into the water, broke the windshield and pulled the men out.

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