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Was Williams Calling LeBron Spoiled?

May 31, 2009 – 1:40 AM
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Tim Povtak

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LeBron JamesLeBron James didn't stick around Saturday night to speak with anyone about the fall of his Cleveland Cavaliers, leaving the point guard who failed him to speak in his behalf.

King James might not be happy this morning with how he was portrayed -- Mo Williams made him sound like a spoiled child.

Williams meant well when he started talking about the frustration that James was feeling, and why after James showered, he put on his headphones, ignored everyone around him, then walked to the team bus without talking.

"I understand his disappointment, but he'll be all right,'' Williams said. "He's a great professional. It is basically like, you're a kid at Christmas time, and you want that remote control car that you have been begging your mom for the whole time. Christmas comes and you open a present, and you open another present, then another present, and you never see that remote control car.

"You can have 10 presents; but you don't have that remote control car. You are going to be sad and disappointed anyway,'' he continued. "So, I mean, you will get over it. You will get over it.''

James, meanwhile, was already on the team bus. He had averaged 38.5 points through six games, cementing his status as the best player in basketball, but he let down his team when he failed to dominate Game 6, scoring a mortal-like 25 points.

By leaving Amway Arena without speaking, he will only fuel the talk that the Cavs still have not provided him with teammates who can help him win a title, furthering the notion that he will leave when his contract expires after next season.

Williams had 17 points and five assists, a decent game after a slow start. He was supposed to be the second star for the Cavs in these playoffs, but he struggled to fill the role throughout Cleveland's final series.

As much as anyone, he felt the disappointment of James, who had raised expectation in Cleveland, making everyone believe they could win an NBA title.

"It was frustrating for all of us,'' Williams said.
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