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Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress Could Be Sitting for Quite a While

Jun 29, 2009 – 9:43 PM
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JJ Cooper

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Plaxico BurressWhile there is speculation of Michael Vick eventually becoming a Dolphin, Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole has a pretty firm story that says Vick won't be playing in the NFL anytime soon. Cole also says that wide receiver Plaxico Burress is facing an indefinite suspension as well, which would put a giant bucket of cold water on any hopes he has of landing a solid free agent deal.

Cole cites three sources with knowledge of the situation. According to them, commissioner Roger Goodell will continue to throw his weight around when it comes to suspensions. He's already slapped wide receiver Donte Stallworth with an indefinite suspension after Stallworth pled guilty to DUI manslaughter. One of Cole's sources says its likely that Vick will be suspended for the entire 2009 season as well, which would mean he would be out of football for three seasons, making any return even tougher in 2010.

But in Vick's case, his problems come from Goodell's apparent desire to make him pay some more for crimes he's already been convicted of. In Burress' case, apparently the decision to punt the case until after the season has angered the NFL commish, which may mean he acts now rather than waiting to see if Burress is convicted. If Burress is found guilty of possessing and firing an unlicensed gun he could be facing three and a half years in prison--he turned down a plea bargain because it would have involved jail time.
"The commissioner would rather have the prosecutors take some action before he does anything, but he's prepared to do something regardless if he has to," the league source said.
But for now, Goodell has effectively suspended Burress without even lifting his finger. Until Goodell lets teams know whether Burress will be available to play this season, he makes it very difficult for Burress' agent Drew Rosenhaus to work out a deal with any team.
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