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NBA's Big Moves Have Already Happened

Jul 2, 2009 – 12:42 PM
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Matt Steinmetz

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As you take in the NBA's free agent period and try to sort out which players are going to which teams and what is a report as opposed to a rumor, you can't help but think of that cartoon Hall-of-Famer Foghorn Leghorn, who once said: "You're doin' a lot of choppin' but no chips are flyin.'"

Sure, there's stuff going on. Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon are going to Detroit. Dallas wants Jason Kidd back, but the Knicks are making a run at him. The Blazers want Hedo Turkoglu big-time, but the Raptors may yet appear.

Ron Artest is out there and so are Mike Bibby and Lamar Odom. Not to mention Trevor Ariza, Andre Miller, Shawn Marion, Allen Iverson and plenty of others. Some of these players are sure to be nice acquisitions for some club, even their own ones.

All this is well and good – not to mention interesting as all get-out – but nothing that's going on right now is going to affect the balance of power in the NBA. If that was done at all, it was done last week.

That's when Richard Jefferson went to San Antonio, Shaquille O'Neal went to Cleveland and Vince Carter went to Orlando. Those three trades, quite frankly, dwarf what's going on right now.

And they're the ones that are likely going to be considered most significant as the 2009-10 postseason approaches.

That's not to say Turkoglu wouldn't form a nice tandem with Brandon Roy, or even Chris Bosh, for that matter. But Turkoglu would only nudge the Blazers in the right direction. And if he ends up in Toronto, what's that really going to do? The Raptors still won't be in the class of Cleveland, Orlando or Boston.

If Kidd winds up in New York, sure it will be a big story. But it won't necessarily even make the Knicks a playoff team. A player such as Artest is usually more intriguing than effective when it comes to what he brings to a team.

The NBA does a wonderful job of keeping itself in the news during the offseason. This week is exciting and fast-paced and it's fascinating to pay attention to. Throw in a vibrant internet and some Twitter and you've got a non-stop fast-break of information.

But don't expect anything to happen this week that will change the landscape of the NBA's power structure. Not until we know where Rasheed Wallace ends up, at least.
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