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Fans Glorifying Manny Need to Get a Life

Jul 6, 2009 – 11:45 PM
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Jay Mariotti

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Manny RamirezJust to refresh your memory, Manny Ramirez is a shamed steroid cheat. He used a female fertility drug that produced artificial testosterone, making him the latest in a pathetic line of high-profile players who have done performance-enhancers and contaminated an entire baseball era. He also is a petty quitter, having stopped running out groundballs in a hissy-fit ploy that forced the Red Sox to trade him to the Dodgers.

So why were people cheering him when he returned last weekend after a 50-game suspension? And giving him long, robust standing ovations? And proudly wearing $22 concession-stand dreadlocks and No. 99 jerseys? And waving signs that said "We Still Love You, Manny" and "It's all about the dreads, not the Meds" -- stadium greeting cards that made him feel good when he should be feeling like, well, a convicted scumbag? Why oh why would anyone with a soul, a conscience and working brain cells glorify a cheater?
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