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TMZ Has Video of LeBron James Getting Dunked On by Jordan Crawford

Jul 22, 2009 – 3:45 PM
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Brett Pollakoff

Brett Pollakoff %BloggerTitle%

Courtney Lee dunks on LeBron James.The case of the confiscated video of LeBron James getting dunked on by Jordan Crawford simply won't die. No, the real, high-quality video hasn't turned up (or been released by the folks at Nike), but TMZ claims to have obtained some grainy, Zapruder-esque cell phone video of the incident, which they promise to release to the clamoring masses this afternoon on their website at 6:45 PM ET.

(UPDATE: Video is up, and can be seen here.)

At his point, the video is likely to be a huge disappointment, even if the participants and the now infamous play could be seen clearly. But as you'll see in the following screen grab, it's questionable whether or not we'll be able to determine with certainty whether these players are actually James and Crawford, or if this was in fact "the dunk."

In other words? Don't get your hopes up.

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