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Stephon Marbury Gets Into a Car Accident, Live on the Internet

Jul 30, 2009 – 9:21 PM
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Brett Pollakoff

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As the seemingly endless hours of live video from Stephon Marbury continue to pile up, one thing has become clear: This is no longer must-see TV.

Between simply flooding the market with content and the fact that no one in the world can be entertaining for that many consecutive hours at a time, the Marbury experiment has devolved into a deranged, sad event that fewer and fewer people are finding compelling for any sort of positive reason.

But hey, that doesn't mean there won't be highlights! Take the following video clip, for example, where Marbury's car gets hit as he's coming to you live from the back seat.

Thankfully everyone was okay there, but what exactly went down is anybody's guess.

It sounded like the driver made a sudden u-turn, which caused another car to collide with the one Marbury was sitting in. But with no real discussion about who was at fault or an extended stop where the two involved parties exchanged information, might it have been one of Marbury's friends/employees who was following in another car and inflicted the damage?

As is often the case when seeing things involving Marbury lately, we're left with many more questions than we have answers.
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