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Tennessee Football Holds Shirtless Photo Shoot Lounging on Lamborghini

Aug 4, 2009 – 4:19 PM
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Clay Travis

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You know how sometimes if you're a fan of a team, there's a certain player, era, game or event that an opposing fan base throws out during a fan debate and you are left without a response?

Yeah, the video after the jump is it for Tennessee fans.

Evidently Tennessee has decided that the best way to get Eric Berry attention for his Heisman campaign is to pose him shirtless with his pants unbuckled, lounging on an orange Lamborghini. While wearing a chain. Oh, and that's not all. They've surrounded him with the rest of his teammates. All shirtless, all wearing unbuttoned pants. We all knew that the Lane Kiffin era included shirtless recruiting meetings, but did we really expect shirtless photo shoots on the indoor practice field?

Here are my questions:

1. Why is Berry wearing a chain? Has he just escaped from something? Perhaps the defensive gameplan in the fourth quarter of the UCLA game?

2. Was there a fat inspector who disallowed fat offensive and defensive linemen? Did they have to stand outside the camera angle, still shirtless, and wish that they had better bodies? How uncomfortable would the fat inspector job have been?

And why do I picture Ed Orgeron in this role? Probably with a black sharpie marker to draw frowning faces on the fat body parts.

3. Why are the uniform pants unbuttoned? It's bad enough that football pants look like capris absent jerseys and pads, but who suggested the unbuttoned pants look? I mean, seriously?

4. Is this the "viral" Eric Berry Heisman marketing campaign that we've heard so much about? If so, it's going to get Berry all the votes in San Francisco, California and Dupont Circle in Washington.

It's doubtful this will be enough to garner an invite to New York City.

5. Why does the orange Lamborghini have a personalized license plate with Double T's? I imagine that one T might stand for Tennessee, but what is the other T for? Is it a very lame reference to double D's, as in women's breasts? Can the driver of the car even explain this?

6. Did one player not think, "Dude, we look kinda gay?" Not a single one? I don't care if anyone's gay, more power to them, but wouldn't one guy on a football team have shot down this idea?

And it's not just a football team.

Let me ask you this. If I said, "Hey, my new book is coming out and we're shooting a video. Just show up with your pants undone, shirtless, and stand behind me." Would any guy have done that? Or even responded to the e-mail?

No, right?

Yet, somehow this same pitch works for every football player at Tennessee.

7. I can't wait for Lane Kiffin to spin this, "It was necessary to get our name out there. Okay, now listen. If you come to Tennessee, okay, we'll take your picture without a shirt on. Leaning on an orange Lamborghini. Okay. Do you think they can do that at Florida? No, well, there you go."

Go ahead, sign, seal and deliver the Heisman to Berry. I just hope he wears a shirt to the ceremony.
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