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Quentin Richardson Traded Again

Aug 14, 2009 – 8:48 AM
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Tom Ziller

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In my beloved state of California, the government is broke. Back in July, out of cash, the state began paying its bills with IOUs: here's a certificate saying we owe you X dollars plus X% interest. But the vendors and whatnot didn't just hang on to the IOUs -- they needed cash! Yet national interest rates are so low that the IOUs actually became a decent investment vehicle, so some parties in California actually sought out the IOUs, and many banks, credit unions and even businesses accept them as readily as they would dollar bills. In a way, the IOUs have become a new form of currency.

Quentin Richardson has now been traded four times in seven weeks, the latest to Miami in exchange for Mark Blount. We definitely have a handle on Q's value -- no player has ever had their worth marked so finely. If you wanted to, you could figure out just how many DeSagana Diops or Etan Thomases you could for your Q. In a way, Quentin Richardson has become a new form of currency.

As a reminder, Q was traded around draft day for Darko Milicic. Later, the Clippers took him in exchange for Zach Randolph. The Clips sent him off for a package including Sebastian Telfair, Craig Smith and Mark Madsen. And now he's gone off for Blount (who will be bought out by the Wolves, according to Jerry Zgoda of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune).

It's hard to keep straight! How about a Quentin Richardson Official Business and Emoticon Map?

For what it's worth, Pat Riley seems excited about Q, who admittedly is a better player than Blount but makes an extra $1.4 million this season. Depending on how the Miami frontcourt shakes out (especially with regards to where Michael Beasley plays), Richardson could get major minutes as a spot-up three-point shooter next to Dwyane Wade.

Q can still hit threes -- he shot 35% on nearly 1,000 bombs over four Knicks seasons. It's the other type of shot that gives him problems. Over that same time period, he has hit only 40% of his two-point attempts and has an anemic foul rate. So clearly, Q needs to stop venturing inside the arc. Wade will pass the ball out. Jermaine O'Neal won't, and Beasley won't. But Wade will, and Q can help by sinking two or three bombs a game.
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