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So Eagles Fans, You Going to Buy a Vick Jersey? How About for Your Dog?

Aug 15, 2009 – 11:00 AM
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Stephanie Stradley

Stephanie Stradley %BloggerTitle%

I might be the only NFL fan that doesn't really have strong feelings about Michael Vick being signed by the Eagles. Don't condone what he did, but I do like stories of redemption and hope his turns into one of those. Have little idea how that will work out.

The NFL now has Vick's jersey for sale over at the NFL Shop, and I wonder about the people who choose to wear those. Offered for $79.99, the Web site says, "Walking around wearing this Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick replica jersey by Reebok® lets everyone know you're a hardcore fan." Really? I don't know. Most hardcore fans I know wouldn't wear that jersey, at least until Vick does something for the Eagles but apparently local demand for the Vick jersey is high. So what do you think that an Eagles Vick jersey says about the wearer?

"I <3 doggy murderers?"

"Not a Donovan McNabb fan?"

"Hate PETA and like to kill stuff?"


"I'm his relative?"

"I support the Eagles and he is an Eagle now?"

The purchase of any player jersey is a risk. They might get hurt. They might suck. They might go to another team. They might end up being a bad teammate, doing drugs, gambling, torturing and killing dogs, lie about it and go to prison. I'm just thinking if you are in the market for an Eagles jersey, that there might be better choices.

And for, I guess, the superduper hardcore fans, you can get 15 percent off a customized Vick Eagles dog jersey. A dog sporting such a jersey lets everyone know that he is for the Eagles and has room in his big puppy heart for forgiveness.

If you are bargain minded, you can go on eBay and purchase "Vick's an Eagle, Hide Your Beagle" gear for much less money.
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