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Dylan Favre (Brett's Nephew) Sets High School Record With 547-Yard Game

Aug 30, 2009 – 5:15 PM
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Will Brinson

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Dylan Favre Brett Favre's NephewDylan Favre is destined to famous. Or annoying. Or maybe both. After all, he's Brett Favre's nephew and there's a certain amount of cache that comes with such lineage.

However, regardless of how large the familial expectations are, Dylan is guaranteed to go down in Mississippi state history, setting another monstrous record as a high school quarterback. This time, it was the single-game record for passing yards -- previously he piled up 48 touchdowns in a single season -- which he broke Friday night by casually tossing for 549.

Favre is the quarterback for Bay Saint Louis (Miss.) St. Stanislaus and, as Bacon mentioned previously, isn't considered entirely likely to follow in his uncle's footsteps, in terms of NFL greatness. At least judging by the "light" recruiting that's taking place from the likes of Ole Miss, Southern Miss, UCLA and Notre Dame.

Although, despite the various lacking interests from D-1 colleges, it's probably unfair to say that people don't expect greatness from Dylan -- he supposedly deals with a consistently high expectations from folks in Mississippi who watched not only his uncle but his father as well dominate the local scene.

Also: he's required to go from gunslinger to annoying superstar within the span of a year later in his career while retiring eleventy billion times. And one would think that's impossible to pull off. Think being the key word, of course.
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