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Larry English Gets Stuck With Gigantic Dinner Bill Courtesy of New Teammates

Sep 9, 2009 – 9:50 PM
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Tom Herrera

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Larry EnglishLarry English is expected to be the next great linebacking force for the San Diego Chargers. But, like any rookie, he has to deal with certain ribbing and hazing along the way. For some NFL teams, the tradition includes making the rook treat everyone to a meal fit for gridiron giants.

In Larry English's scenario, the final dinner tab was pretty eye-popping.

English, the 16th overall NFL draft pick, had to pay nearly $15,000 when every Charger was through pigging out. Fellow linebacker Shaun Phillips posted a picture of the check on his Twitter account late Monday night so we all could get a good laugh at English's expense. The burning question is who the heck ordered raspberry sorbet. My guess is head coach Norval Turner, because with a name like Norval, how can you not be a sorbet fan? Or even tapioca pudding.

Of course, with English guaranteed $9.9 million in his five-year contract, $15K doesn't seem like all that big of a dent to his wallet.

As MJD pointed out over at Shutdown Corner, it's certainly not the first time a San Diego player forked over a huge wad of cash at the dinner table. Shawne Merriman's rookie dinner reportedly cost him $32,000, and NFL draft bust Ryan Leaf had his credit card swiped by Junior Seau to pay for a dinner that was $3,000.

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