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MLB Holds Adorable Fan Hostage

Sep 16, 2009 – 7:14 PM
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Michael Katz

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If you are watching the YouTube video below, savor it. In all likelihood it will soon read: This video no longer available due to a copyright claim by MLB Advanced Media.

Tuesday night, an adorable little Phillies fan was handed a foul ball by her father. The happy dad's glee soon turned to disbelief as his daughter tossed the souvenir over the railing. It'll melt your heart -- if you get a chance to see it.

To do so, you'll probably have to cruise to MLB's website. Bud Selig's advanced media army is trolling the web and laying waste to any unauthorized copies of the video with pitch forks, torches and copyright claims.

Thanks a million, Major League Baseball. And really, great job.

This makes zero sense. In today's viral era, it's ridiculous that we can't see this video across the web. Then edit in Keyboard Cat or a Kanye West diatribe. Then e-mail it to our grandma so she can send submit it to Digg.

I mean, when the Tom Brady blew off Suzy Kolber on Monday Night Football the incident became a hit on the web the next day. Sure, the NFL is notorious for taking down videos, but the league didn't immediately eviscerate YouTube over the rights to the footage.

Look, Major League Baseball owns the footage. They can do with it as they please. But who is this helping? Not only is Selig raining on our internet parade, he is doing himself a disservice. How does it hurt Major League Baseball to have the internet masses viewing family fun at the ball park? Selig could use some folks in the stands.

Perhaps, if Selig had gone to preschool -- instead of being born as a 60-year-old man -- he'd know that sharing is caring. Then we could all enjoy this innocent moment of baseball bliss in peace.

h/t Mashable
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