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Peyton Manning Calls Out Joe Buck for Taking Shots at Brother Eli

Oct 13, 2009 – 11:30 AM
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Ryan Wilson

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Beneath that "aw shucks" exterior is a competitor. A perfectionist who, by the time his career is over, could hold every significant NFL passing record.

That's easy to forget when you see Peyton Manning's face pop up on every other commercial, most recently the one where he gets handled by Justin Timberlake in Ping Pong. But the guy has a mean streak. Well, as mean as you can be when you look like Gomer Pyle.

We got a brief glimpse of Angry Peyton during his Sunday night interview with Bob Costas. The subject of his ire? Fox Sports play-by-play announcer Joe Buck. You can hear his comments around the 10-minute mark in the video below. Or if you're a very busy person, or don't like the convenience moving pictures offers, (or both) the transcript follows.

(Via Neil Best's Watchdog blog):

"I get so into it. I get so worked up. I remember last year they were playing Philly, or maybe it was two years ago. They beat them and he drove them down there late and I remember standing on top of the bed, yelling at Toomer or one of his receivers because they ran a wrong route, and Joe Buck is just ripping Eli, just because that's what he seems to enjoy doing.

"So I'm yelling at Joe Buck, 'Just call the play-by-play, Joe! Let Aikman do the commentary.' I said to myself, 'Peyton, what are you doing? Why are you on top of the bed yelling at the TV?' I've got a game here in four hours against New England or something . . . But you know what, I love watching him play. That's the first thing I do after a game when I get to the locker room. I'm asking for the Giants score."

This has the makings of a JT Bowtie vs. Ole Miss fans situation. But somehow less menacing.
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