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Mark Cuban Put Through a Table

Dec 8, 2009 – 8:41 AM
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Tom Ziller

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In a slice of dramatic art which could only have been scripted by Kenyon Martin's mom, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was put through a table during the WWE Monday Night Raw broadcast from the American Airlines Center Monday night.

As a part of his host duties, Cuban appeared in the ring with some big Irish bloke named Sheamus O'Shaughnessy (holy cliché, Batman!). There is a spell of constipated staring before Cuban decides to shove Sheamus to the ground.

Sheamus responds as any professional pugilist would: by taking down Cuban, picking him back up and putting him through a conveniently propped wooden table.

Check it out, though be warned it moves more slowly than a Mike Sweetney fast break.

The only thing missing, really, is that Hasselhoff song blaring as Sheamus angrily hugs Cuban before tabling him. "OH MY GOD, that's Dirk Nowitzki's music!"

(Should have been you, Sterling.)
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