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Video: Carl Landry's Teeth End Up in Dirk Nowitzki's Arm

Dec 19, 2009 – 10:46 AM
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Tom Ziller

Tom Ziller %BloggerTitle%

All Dirk Nowitzki wanted for Christmas were Carl Landry's front teeth. Thanks Santa Claus Klaus!

As you can see in the video below, early in Friday's Rockets-Mavericks game (before rules were misapplied!) Houston's tough guy Landry stood in to take a charge on Dirk. Nowitzki tried to avoid contact to get the lefty scoop, but couldn't get clear Landry's chin with his own right elbow.

The result? It's grotesque. Take a look.

The best part, besides Dirk being understandably freaked out because he has another man's teeth embedded in his arm, is how Landry reacts. After the blow, he calmly stands, walks toward the Houston bench and motions that he needs to come out of the game. It's not surprising that Landry reacted in such a cavalier fashion to what ended up being a trip to the ER and a Saturday visit with an oral surgeon, given that last season Landry got shot (by a gun, with a bullet) in the leg ... and played less than three weeks later.

One more amazing fact: the Houston Chronicle (linked above) reports that it took docs "30 minutes for pieces of Landry's teeth to be removed" from Dirk's elbow. Pieces of Landry's teeth? I'm going to be sick.
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