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Furious Final Moments of Lane Kiffin's Tenure in Tennessee

Jan 15, 2010 – 5:29 PM
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Clay Travis

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We all know Lane Kiffin left unexpectedly from Tennessee. And we've all watched his brief comments. But now a video has surfaced showing the final, furious eight minute fight over what that final statement would look and sound like. And whether it would be carried live at all. Watch that here.

Ultimately his comments weren't carried live and there were no questions. Somehow, this video makes as much sense as the rest of the jangle of events in the past four days.

The gentleman in the sweater is Bud Ford, UT's sports information director. Savor these precious seconds, it's the last time Lane Kiffin will ever be in orange. Barring an arrest and jailing, that is.

Also, if only video would surface of Lane Kiffin's final address to his players. I'm told it's like the Gettysburg Address, only with abundant cursing and potential maulings forestalled at the last possible moment.

(Embedding H/T to Spencer Hall)

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