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Barry Melrose Swears, ESPN Apologizes

Feb 16, 2010 – 4:45 PM
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Michael David Smith

Michael David Smith %BloggerTitle%

ESPN is apologizing after Tuesday's First Take featured hockey analyst Barry Melrose using the S-word -- not once, but twice -- during a bizarre segment in which he was asked to describe what he put on his face to prevent wrinkles. The apology is above and the swearing is below.

It all started when First Take host Jay Crawford asked Melrose what he uses to avoid getting crows' feet, and Melrose answered, "Chicken s**t."

That led to this hilarious exchange:

Crawford: "What's that?"

Melrose: "Chicken s**t."

[silence from Crawford, awkward laughter from cameramen]

Melrose: "That's what Canadians use."

After an uncomfortable pause, Crawford tried to recover, but the damage was done. Shortly after, First Take co-host Dana Jacobson read an on-air apology.

"We want to apologize," Jacobson said. "Barry Melrose did use an inappropriate word on our air. He did not realize that we were live at the time or he would not have used it, and we do apologize for offending anybody that we offended. Barry again is apologizing as well, and our apologies to him for putting him in that position."

I get why ESPN felt the need to apologize, but I actually thought it was hilarious. If First Take had more banter like that, more people would watch First Take.

Videos via You Been Blinded.
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