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If You Want to Meet Kendra Wilkinson, Better Fill Out a Bracket

Mar 16, 2010 – 3:30 PM
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Ryan Wilson

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So here's the deal: Kenny Smith, Jerry Rice, Kendra Wilkinson and Brooklyn Decker have filled out NCAA Tournament brackets as part of FanHouse's Bracket Challenge.


join the bracket challenge

You can sign up and go head-to-head against them, and depending on how you do, there's a chance to take home $10 million or meet one of the celebrity contestants.

Honestly, odds on the $10 million are long -- you need a perfect bracket, picking every game correctly -- but the chance to meet, say, Kendra Wilkinson are much more realistic.

You can see Kenny's, Jerry's, Kendra's and Brooklyn's complete picks when you sign up but know this: to win a chance to meet one of them you just need to have a better bracket.

Also worth knowing: I've looked over the celebrity brackets and Kenny and Jerry pick chalk in three of the four regionals (both went with Kansas, Kansas St., Kentucky, Duke), while Brooklyn has three No. 2 seeds in the Final Four (Ohio St., Syracuse, West Virginia and Villanova).

And then there's Kendra. Blue Horseshoe loves Kendra. She has No. 5 Texas A&M facing No. 3 New Mexico (which also happens to be her husband's alma mater) in one half of the national semifinal, with the more conventional Kansas-Kansas St. matchup in the other semifinal.

Fill out your brackets accordingly.
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