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I'll Say It Once More: Time to Fire Guillen

Mar 23, 2010 – 4:35 PM
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Jay Mariotti

Jay Mariotti %BloggerTitle%

Ozzie GuillenCHICAGO -- The Blizzard of Oz, as I've come to call Ozzie Guillen, should have been put out of his misery years ago, dumped like an out-of-control radio caller unfit for human consumption. He is not a breath of fresh air as much as an affront to the American intellect -- a disgrace to baseball, the city of Chicago and a loose-cannon organization called the White Sox. The problem is that his bosses have enabled his mindless, profane, manic and often dangerous dialogue because, well, his team happened to get lucky in 2005 and help the franchise win a World Series for the only time in 93 years.

So how comical to see those very same enablers, general manager Ken Williams and owner Jerry Reinsdorf, now being torched and embarrassed by their own monster.

It was inevitable that the Blizzard would shift his foul-mouthed focus from his own players, players and managers on other teams, TV analysts, sports columnists, blow-up dolls, social issues and Sean Penn -- yes, he bleep-bleeped the actor for defending Venezuela president Hugo Chavez -- and wind up in serious hot water with management. What now? Predictably, Guillen arrived at spring training eager to expand his goofballish persona via social media networks such as Twitter, which allows him to express his absurd ramblings 24/7, heaven help us. Williams was understandably leery, but his stance on the matter also was hypocritical, as often happens in the team boardroom, in that he and Reinsdorf signed off on a MLB Network reality show that is going behind the scenes with the team and front office this season. With much reluctance, Williams agreed to let the twit tweet.
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