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MLB Experts' 2010 Award Predictions

Apr 1, 2010 – 12:00 PM
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Marc Lancaster

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Evan Longoria / Jason Heyward / Felix Hernandez / Albert Pujols
Preseason predictions are invariably an exercise in foolishness, but they're just so difficult to resist.

So here, a day before the MLB FanHouse staff's fearless prognostications about how the playoff spots will shake out are unveiled, we take a crack at picking the winners of the three big individual awards handed out after the season by the Baseball Writers' Association of America.

In the interest of full disclosure, we should note that our 13 panelists last season tabbed five different players to win the American League MVP -- none of whom was Joe Mauer, who ultimately came up one vote shy of being a unanimous selection. Who led the way on our ballots? Um, Grady Sizemore, with six MVP nods.

And eventual winner Albert Pujols earned only three MVP votes on the NL side.

So, it goes without saying that these picks are for entertainment purposes only.

There was a decent bit of consensus in this year's predictions. Though neither Jason Heyward nor Roy Halladay has competed in the National League before, our panelists overwhelmingly expect them to make a splash -- and they see more of the same from Pujols.

On the American League side, we expect big things from division-rival third basemen Evan Longoria and Alex Rodriguez, who got the bulk of the MVP votes.

King Felix leads a balanced field on the Cy Young front, while another power pitcher, the Rays' Wade Davis, was a popular choice to lead the AL rookie class.

AL MVP Predictions
Ed Price Evan Longoria Evan Longoria This is simply the year for former Long Beach State DirtBag infielders. Longoria and Tulowitzki are at the heart of two playoff-bound teams, both offensively and defensively.
-- John Hickey

Mark Teixeira Teixeira will be playing his second season in pinstripes, so he knows what New York's like now and will be more comfortable. With a home park that should allow him to eclipse the 40-homer mark and a lineup that will afford him plenty of chances to drive in runs, Tex looks ready to explode.
-- Tom Fornelli
Jeff Fletcher Kendry Morales
Frankie Piliere Evan Longoria
John Hickey Evan Longoria
Tom Krasovic Evan Longoria
Steve Phillips Evan Longoria
Andrew Johnson Victor Martinez
Marc Lancaster Alex Rodriguez
Matt Snyder Alex Rodriguez
Tom Fornelli Mark Teixeira
Knox Bardeen Alex Rodriguez
Josh Alper Alex Rodriguez
Pat Lackey Evan Longoria

NL MVP Predictions
Ed Price Chase Utley Albert Pujols Yes, it's cliche to pick Pujols year after year, but the thing is he's far and away the best hitter in the National League like clockwork. There's no reason to expect the Cardinals first baseman to slow down now.
-- Andrew Johnson

Chase Utley No player is more responsible for the Phillies' three-year reign in the NL East than Utley. He hits for power and average and plays great defense at a position where offense is scarce.
-- Pat Lackey
Jeff Fletcher Chase Utley
Frankie Piliere Albert Pujols
John Hickey Troy Tulowitzki
Tom Krasovic Albert Pujols
Steve Phillips Albert Pujols
Andrew Johnson Albert Pujols
Marc Lancaster Albert Pujols
Matt Snyder Troy Tulowitzki
Tom Fornelli Albert Pujols
Knox Bardeen Albert Pujols
Josh Alper Albert Pujols
Pat Lackey Chase Utley

AL Cy Young Predictions
Ed Price Justin Verlander Justin Verlander Verlander showed last year he is a true ace, with some dominating performances down the stretch in which he pitched into the late innings with phenomenal stuff. While CC Sabathia, Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez should all be great, Verlander is ready to be recognized at the top of his class.
-- Ed Price

Felix Hernandez There's nothing Hernandez can't do except force the Mariners to win. He'll need some help from the offense, but when he's on, he just dominates.
-- John Hickey
Jeff Fletcher Justin Verlander
Frankie Piliere Jon Lester
John Hickey Felix Hernandez
Tom Krasovic CC Sabathia
Steve Phillips Felix Hernandez
Andrew Johnson Zack Greinke
Marc Lancaster Justin Verlander
Matt Snyder Jon Lester
Tom Fornelli Jon Lester
Knox Bardeen Felix Hernandez
Josh Alper Felix Hernandez
Pat Lackey Felix Hernandez

NL Cy Young Predictions
Ed Price Josh Johnson Roy Halladay Unless he's spooked by Philly's bandbox, the six-time All-Star will benefit from going to a pitcher's league and a great team by taking home some hardware.
-- Tom Krasovic

Josh Johnson If you had to build a starting pitcher in a lab, you would want one who was built like an ox, struck out hitters in bunches without walking them and kept the ball from leaving the yard. In other words, you'd want Johnson. He showed he had all the tools in 2009. He'll use them to dominate the NL in 2010.
-- Josh Alper
Jeff Fletcher Tommy Hanson
Frankie Piliere Ubaldo Jimenez
John Hickey Josh Johnson
Tom Krasovic Roy Halladay
Steve Phillips Roy Halladay
Andrew Johnson Roy Halladay
Marc Lancaster Roy Halladay
Matt Snyder Roy Halladay
Tom Fornelli Roy Halladay
Knox Bardeen Roy Halladay
Josh Alper Josh Johnson
Pat Lackey Roy Halladay

AL Rookie of the Year Predictions
Ed Price Wade Davis Wade Davis At 24, Davis is ready to shed the prospect label and give the Rays 180 innings and a league-average ERA. That'll be plenty for Rookie of the Year honors.
-- Tom Krasovic

Austin Jackson Jackson has shown a lot more pop in his bat than expected this spring, and though I wouldn't expect him to continue at his .350-plus average clip all season, he should produce enough to be the best newcomer in the junior circuit.
-- Tom Fornelli
Jeff Fletcher Brian Matusz
Frankie Piliere Wade Davis
John Hickey Netfali Feliz
Tom Krasovic Wade Davis
Steve Phillips Wade Davis
Andrew Johnson Austin Jackson
Marc Lancaster Brian Matusz
Matt Snyder Carlos Santana
Tom Fornelli Austin Jackson
Knox Bardeen Austin Jackson
Josh Alper Wade Davis
Pat Lackey Wade Davis

NL Rookie of the Year Predictions
Ed Price Jason Heyward Jason Heyward Nothing has Bobby Cox more excited about his last (?) year as Braves manager than Heyward, who looks like a left-handed version of Dave Winfield with a similarly staggering collection of tools. Oh yeah, he's 20 and Atlanta's everyday right fielder -- despite just three at-bats above Double-A.
-- Ed Price

Stephen Strasburg We live in an age of hype, a fact that makes it easy to be skeptical of Strasburg, but the San Diego State phenom has everything necessary to dominate in the majors right now. He'll get his shot sometime around June, and take off immediately.
-- Andrew Johnson
Jeff Fletcher Jason Heyward
Frankie Piliere Jason Heyward
John Hickey Jason Heyward
Tom Krasovic Jason Heyward
Steve Phillips Jason Heyward
Andrew Johnson Stephen Strasburg
Marc Lancaster Jason Heyward
Matt Snyder Gaby Sanchez
Tom Fornelli Jason Heyward
Knox Bardeen Jason Heyward
Josh Alper Alcides Escobar
Pat Lackey Jason Heyward
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