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Islanders Fan Nets Ridiculous Shot for Car

Apr 5, 2010 – 12:15 AM
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Kevin Schultz

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Mike MannUsually during the intermissions of sporting events, there are games and contests and other fun things to try and hold the attention of fans in the arena. Once in a while someone nails a half-court shot for a huge prize or some other such gimmick. And then once in a very long while, someone does something completely improbable.

Enter Islanders season ticket holder Mike Mann from Huntington, N.Y.

On Saturday afternoon the Islanders had a home matinee against the Ottawa Senators. Happily for Islanders fans they won the game 4-1 (Although I guess if you want a high draft pick it's not that good but I digress). Even better was the ridiculous feat that Mann pulled off during the second intermission.


To set the scene, Mann was one of eight winners of the Islanders Chuck-A-Puck during the season. What is a Chuck-A-Puck, you ask? During select games over the course of the season fans can purchase soft, orange "pucks" on the concourse for a small price. Half the money is used as a prize for the fan who can throw a puck closest to the center ice dot and the other half is donated to charity. So, Mann was one of eight winners during the season.

Already, that's pretty impressive considering the literally hundreds of pucks that rain down during these contests. Not only that, Mann was randomly selected as the only Chuck-A-Puck winner to qualify for the grand prize; a chance to shoot for $30,000 towards a new car from NY Auto Giant.

Here's what happened next:

Absolutely, completely and totally RIDICULOUS. I mean, WOW. There you have it folks, Mike Mann is officially the luckiest guy on Long Island. Not only can he throw a puck from the stands to center ice closer than a few hundred (maybe thousand) other people, he also was randomly selected for a carnival contest weighted heavily against the contestant but he went out and won anyway. Well done, sir. Well done.
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