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2010 NFL Mock Draft, Fans' Picks Edition: No. 6 - Seattle Seahawks

Apr 7, 2010 – 1:00 PM
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Will Brinson

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CJ SpillerThe voice of the fan matters here at FanHouse, so we're giving you the power to stage your own 2010 NFL Mock Draft. Let us know whom the Seahawks should take with the No. 6 pick --You're on the clock.

The Seahawks appear to have addressed their long-term quarterback situation with the addition of Charlie Whitehurst. Whether you agree with it or not is beside the point -- Pete Carroll seems to think, at least based on what he paid for the former Clemson signal-caller, that Whitehurst can take over for Matt Hasselbeck, sooner if not later.

So with Sam Bradford, Ndamukong Suh, Russell Okung, Eric Berry and Gerald McCoy off the board, you can basically consider Jimmy Clausen scrapped, too. Everyone else is fair game, and it really depends on whether you, the fan, believe the Seahawks need help in the offensive backfield, the offensive line ... or with a sneaky move at wide receiver.

Previous Pick: Kansas City - Eric Berry, S, Tennessee; Next Up: Cleveland

(Note: The poll is now closed. Click here for the latest on the 2010 NFL Mock Draft, Fans' Picks Edition)

Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma-- Critics who complain about Williams state that he doesn't have "force," although it's hard to argue that someone who's 6-foot-5, 315 pounds can't generate a little power. Perhaps more importantly, Williams' speed (a 4.81 40 at the Combine), deft footwork and upside could make him a perfect replacement for the near-retired Walter Jones, particularly when you consider Seattle will be using a zone-blocking scheme next year.

Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa -- It's very possible only of the Williams-Bulaga duo is likely to be available at No. 6. And considering that Bulaga dealt with a thyroid issue while failing to really represent any true "upside" (he's a great player and not a horrible pick in the least, but it's hard to envision him becoming a franchise OT), he might be 1a in terms of offensive line options for the 'Hawks at six.

CJ Spiller, RB, Clemson -- Spiller is considered a "Reggie Bush clone," which makes him an ideal fit for Pete Carroll's offense in Seattle. But the truth is that Spiller's probably closer to Chris Johnson than Bush, because he's capable of actually being a damaging player in the running game. That being said, his special-teams skills are extremely enticing -- if Seattle feels he won't last until the 14th overall spot, when the Seahawks pick again, they'll have to grab him now.

Bonus Possibility --
Brandon Marshall, WR, Denver: Unfortunately, there are no trades allowed in the FanHouse Mock Draft, but remember, the Broncos have a first-round tender on Marshall and are still looking to deal him. There were plenty of rumblings that Marshall could be headed to Seattle, where he would fit perfectly (for a number of reasons) while also getting a fresh start. And there's no question that he's miles better than Dez Bryant, the top wideout in the draft ... not to mention anyone on Seattle's roster.

The updated draft board:

Pick Team Player Position School
1. St. Louis Rams Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
2. Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
3. Tampa Bay Bucs Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma
4. Washington Redskins Russell Okung OT Oklahoma St.
5. Kansas City Chiefs Eric Berry S Tennessee
6. Seattle Seahawks
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