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2010 NFL Mock Draft, Fans' Picks Edition: No. 14 - Seattle Seahawks

Apr 12, 2010 – 1:30 PM
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Will Brinson

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Matt HasselbeckThe voice of the fan matters here at FanHouse, so you are going to collectively stage your own 2010 NFL Mock Draft. Let us know whom the Seahawks should take with the No. 14 pick --You're on the clock.

The Seahawks locked down their backfield upgrade by picking CJ Spiller with their first pick in the first round of this mock -- even though there were potentially better options available on the offensive line. But the past doesn't matter too much, especially in FanHouse's fan draft; suddenly the Seahawks seem guaranteed (thanks to both Jimmy Clausen and Tim Tebow being picked) to land another blue-chipper here.

Obviously, they'd like to improve their offensive line -- Walter Jones isn't far from retirement and no one else on the line, save Max Unger, is necessarily great, by any stretch of the imagination. But, because crazy things happen in the NFL Draft, and because the Seahawks defense isn't exactly spectacular either, there could be other options as well.

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: San Francisco -- Joe Haden, CB, Florida
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(Note: The poll is now closed. Click here for the latest on the 2010 NFL Mock Draft, Fans' Picks Edition)

Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma -- Critics who complain about Williams state that he doesn't have "force," although it's hard to argue that someone who's 6-foot-5, 315 pounds can't generate a little power. Perhaps more importantly, Williams' speed (a 4.81 40 at the Combine), deft footwork and upside could make him a perfect replacement for the near-retired Walter Jones, particularly when you consider Seattle will be using a zone-blocking scheme next year.

Jason Paul-Pierrre, DE, South Florida -- Pierre's the epitome of upside, having seen his stock skyrocket despite relatively little production on the field. He's still an athletic freak though, and since he somehow slid by Al Davis & Co down here, Pete Carroll will at least have to consider looking for a replacement for the aging Patrick Kerney.

Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee -- The Seahawks have a super linebacking corps in place, and a player like Williams, if he's still available here (which seems less and less a possibility in real life) could do wonders towards making them a straight up nightmare for opposing rushing offenses. At 6'2", 327, he's the definition of "lane-clogger," and no one would fault Seattle if they started thinking "best defensive player available" here.

Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland -- Campbell somehow slipped past the Raiders too, despite having had a monster Combine. Many people feel that he's more "show" than "substance" but he's certainly got upside and if Seattle's front office bought into his performance at Indy, they'll probably consider him good value here.
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