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Jay-Z Is Suing David Ortiz

Apr 15, 2010 – 7:46 PM
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Tom Fornelli

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Rapper, mogul, all around cool dude Jay-Z has been spotted and photographed wearing a Yankees cap many times during his life, and taken in his fair share of games at Yankee Stadium, so it's safe to assume the New York-born entertainer is a Yankees fan. Now it seems he's taking his Yankees fandom to another level, as he has filed a lawsuit against Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz.

It seems that Ortiz owns a nightclub in the Dominican Republic called Forty/Forty. Jay-Z owns, amongst many other things, a few nightclubs named 40/40. They're located in New York, Atlantic City and Las Vegas, and there are plans to open a few more clubs, including one in Tokyo. Seems Hova believes Big Papi is cashing in on his brand.
They have accused Ortiz of trading on the fame, value and goodwill of their name through his club Forty/Forty and its website,, which they say has caused their business "marketplace confusion and damage," the lawsuit said.

"David Ortiz is fully aware of plaintiff's Manhattan 40/40 Club, since he had been a patron there on several occasions long before he opened his infringing Forty/Forty Club," said the lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court.

What I don't quite understand is why Ortiz would name his club Forty/Forty. He's not a member of the infamous 40/40 club in baseball. He's had his share of 40-homer seasons (three to be exact), but he's never come close to stealing 40 bases in a season. He's only had ten in his entire 13-year career.

He did have back to back seasons of 40 homers and 40 doubles in 2004 and 2005, so I guess that's a possibility. It's also a possibility that 40/40 is his pants size, as they don't call him Big Papi because he's of tiny stature.
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