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MLB Mock Draft 2.0: The Full First Round

May 26, 2010 – 11:00 AM
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Frankie Piliere

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Anthony Ranaudo / Matt Harvey
With less than two weeks until the draft, it's time for Mock Draft 2.0. Things are a bit more clear than they were last week, but beyond the first few picks there remains a great deal of uncertainty. However, as we move into this weekend and the college tournaments get under way, scouting staffs will begin to zone in on players

So, after rolling out the projected first 10 picks last week, FanHouse presents the full first-round mock draft. Much could change as players battle to impress scouting directors, but there is at least some indication now of which players are drawing interest from particular teams. With that, and after another week of burning up the phone lines, here's an updated version of our 2010 mock draft.

  • 1. Nationals | Bryce Harper (C) | College of Southern Nevada
    Nothing has changed here. Harper is all but a lock in this spot. Washington GM Mike Rizzo told reporters last night he knows who he'll take with this pick.
  • 2. Pirates | Manny Machado (SS) | Brito H.S. (Miami, Fla.)
    Harper is a lock at No. 1, and while Machado isn't nearly to that point yet, he's becoming the heavy favorite here. They may have even begun discussing a deal, according to sources. A Scott Boras client, Machado has also pulled out of a key pre-draft event, the Florida High School Classic, something he'd clearly benefit from attending if his status wasn't already solidified. Pomeranz could push his way back into the picture here with a knockout SEC Tournament performance.
  • 3. Orioles | Jameson Taillon (RHP) | The Woodlands (Texas) H.S.
    Although I've heard Matt Harvey discussed in this spot, all signs still point to Taillon still landing here. Many scouts call him one of the best high school arms to emerge in recent years and the O's will not pass up a shot at him.
  • 4. Royals | Drew Pomeranz (LHP) | Ole Miss
    This is the first change from last week. Sources say the Royals have not been discouraged by Pomeranz's problems this spring and have remained on him consistently. It's unlikely that they'd take Chris Sale, or Yasmani Grandal for that matter, if Pomeranz is convincing in the SEC tournament.
  • 5. Indians | Chris Sale (LHP) | Florida Gulf Coast
    With Pomeranz gone in this scenario, Cleveland will likely choose between Sale and Michael Choice. From what I'm hearing, I think they'll go for the arm, but there's a very good chance Choice fits here as well.
  • 6. Diamondbacks | Deck McGuire (RHP) | Georgia Tech
    It's pretty safe to say that Arizona will take a college player. Sources say they prefer McGuire to Chris Sale and other college arms. Their drafts have tilted heavily toward position players recently, so despite their affinity for Bryce Brentz, a college arm seems more likely.
  • 7. Mets | Bryce Brentz (OF) | Middle Tennessee State
    New York has been out in force to scout Brentz in recent weeks, including a trip by Omar Minaya to see the outfielder. They still like Zack Cox in this spot and would love a shot at Pomeranz or Chris Sale.
  • 8. Astros | Zack Cox (3B) | Arkansas
    Not only is this a fit because Houston has been on Cox heavily all spring, but it's also a match because the Astros are a team that has been quiet and Cox is a player on which there seems to be no consensus. Some scouts have described Cox's defense as borderline "comical" and others believe in his bat enough to overcome that. Houston may be one of those teams. They are in on several guys for this spot, including Choice, Brandon Workman, and Josh Sale. They'd prefer a college arm but the ideal guy may not be there.
  • 9. Padres | Michael Choice (OF) | Texas-Arlington
    There are a number of possible landing places for Choice in the first 11 picks, and he is among the group of four or five players the Padres are considering here. I've backed off Whitson in this spot, but it's still very much a possibility. San Diego would prefer to get a college player, preferably a pitcher, but again, in this class there are not a lot of college arms that warrant a selection this high. They are not big believers in Chris Sale even if he were to slide this far. Kolbrin Vitek, Deck McGuire as well as Pomeranz appear to be on their short list.
  • 10. Athletics | Dylan Covey (RHP) | Maranatha H.S. (Pasadena, Calif.)
    Billy Beane recently scouted Covey and saw him in one of his worst performances. Coming off that outing, the A's scouting staff has been back in force to see more of him. So, they were not discouraged. They like Covey's polish compared to most high school arms, as well as his consistency and track record. There's not a natural college arm for them to pick here, and Covey's upside and polish could be a nice substitute.
  • 11. Blue Jays | Karsten Whitson (RHP) | Chipley (Fla.) H.S.
    Toronto has been on a number of different players, but has been well represented at each of Whitson's outings this spring. If he gets beyond the Padres at ninth overall, I can't see him getting further than this.
  • 12. Reds | Alex Wimmers (RHP) | Ohio State
    After the success of Mike Leake last year, Wimmers is a logical pick here. Scouts love his secondary offerings and command. He's not Leake, but he is very, very good. Cincinnati has been high on him all spring and is looking to sign a player for slot. He fits that bill, as would Yasmani Grandal, who they have also shown heavy interest in.
  • 13. White Sox | Nick Castellanos (3B) | Archbishop McCarthy H.S. (Fla.)
    The White Sox have been linked to a number of young bats and some college arms, but they may have their sights set on Castellanos. They've seen him perform well of late and have continued to show serious interest. Josh Sale and Bryce Brentz, if he's available, are also players that could go here.
  • 14. Brewers | Stetson Allie (RHP) | St. Edward H.S. (Lakewood, Ohio)
    Allie has a lot of helium of late, but some still doubt his command. The Brewers are not afraid to take big, pure arms and have shown heavy interest. Signability could be an issue with the right-hander.
  • 15. Rangers | Brandon Workman (RHP) | Texas
    Texas has looked at a number of college arms, and Workman has been among the most consistent this spring. Kolbrin Vitek also appears to be on its radar as well as Barrett Loux.
  • 16. Cubs | Kolbrin Vitek (2B) | Ball State
    Vitek may be gone by the time the Cubs pick, either to the Padres or possibly the Rangers, but, in this scenario they would be pleased to have him fall into their laps. They are reportedly in the hunt for a position player, if it's the right guy.
  • 17. Rays | Yasmani Grandal (C) | Miami
    There's a good chance Grandal goes much higher than this, either to Kansas City or Cincinnati, but it will take a particular team with particular needs to want to take him early in the first round. The Rays have shown some interest, but this is a tough one to call.
  • 18. Angels | Seth Blair (RHP) | Arizona State
    Blair has been moving up quite a few draft boards in recent weeks, and the Angels have been among the most interested. The right-hander is 10-0 for the Sun Devils this season.
  • 19. Astros | Josh Sale (OF) | Bishop Blanchet H.S. (Seattle, Wash.)
    Houston has shown heavy interest in Sale, but it seems to be leaning toward a safer, college pick at eighth overall. If Sale is still around this late, I expect the Astros to jump on him.
  • 20. Red Sox | Matt Harvey (RHP) | North Carolina
    This is just one of those perfect fits. Boston likes to pick big arms like Harvey and would pay the price to get him. Harvey has been linked to a number of teams, even high in the first round, but somewhere in the early 20s seems most likely.
  • 21. Twins | A.J. Cole (RHP) | Oviedo (Fla.) H.S.
    The Twins' dream scenario is getting a crack at Alex Wimmers, but they do not expect to get that chance. They aren't afraid to take a high school player though, and Cole's arm would be tough to pass up. After some problems early on, he has been much more impressive of late.
  • 22. Rangers | Kaleb Cowart (IF/RHP) | Cook County (Ga.) H.S.
    In this scenario, Texas would take a college arm with their first pick. I could see them taking a chance with this pick, and industry sources have linked them to this two-way prep standout.
  • 23. Marlins | Barrett Loux (RHP) | Texas A&M
    I expect Florida to go after a college arm, from everything that I've been hearing. Loux has been getting a lot of buzz lately, and the Texas A&M right-hander seems like a logical match in this slot.
  • 24. Giants | Yordy Cabrera (SS) | Lakeland (Fla.) H.S.
    All signs point to the Giants being heavily in favor of taking Cabrera in this spot. They like his bat even more than most.
  • 25. Cardinals | Christian Colon (SS) | Cal State Fullerton
    As far as Colon goes, there will need to be a team looking for polish and consistency over pure upside and tools. The Cardinals are a team that could prefer that, and their interest so far this spring has matched that theory.
  • 26. Rockies | Jesse Hahn (RHP) | Virginia Tech
    Hahn's health is a major question mark, but the Rockies will be keeping a close eye on him in the coming weeks. It looks like they will probably take a college arm here, so someone like Sammy Solis could be in play as well.
  • 27. Phillies | Austin Wilson (OF) | Harvard-Westlake H.S. (Studio City, Calif.)
    This could be the floor for Austin Wilson in terms of how far signability questions will cause him to slide. Wilson is a clear top-15 talent, but he has no adviser and a strong commitment to Stanford, making it tough for teams to get a clear idea of how signable he is. Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. recently visited with Wilson and his family, and given their history with athletic prep players, this just seems like a perfect fit.
  • 28. Dodgers | Gary Brown (OF) | Cal State Fullerton
    Brown is another one of those polarizing players, but there will be a team in the top 30 that values his tremendous athleticism and off-the-charts speed. Particularly for an NL team, he could be a valuable commodity. The Dodgers have shown interest, as have a number of clubs in the 15-30 range.
  • 29. Angels | Aaron Sanchez (RHP) | Barstow (Calif.) H.S.
    The Angels are looking at a number of prep players with their multiple first round picks, and Sanchez is high on their list. Sanchez has an outstanding frame, a live arm and fits the high upside profile many teams would like at the back of the first round.
  • 30. Angels | Justin O'Conner (SS/C) | Cowan H.S. (Muncie, Ind.)
    The Angels have been all over O'Conner, so if there ever was a later first-round pick that looked pretty solid two weeks before the draft, it is this one. If he's around for one of their three picks, there's a real good shot they'll grab him.
  • 31. Rays | Asher Wojciechowski (RHP) | The Citadel
    The Rays have been looking at a lot of college options, and this would give them an affordable arm and some depth. Gary Brown will draw a lot of interest if he is available.
  • 32. Yankees | Anthony Ranaudo (RHP) | LSU
    We all know how the Yankees like to operate. If they believe Ranaudo is the most talented guy on the board, they will take him. They've been on him this spring, but this far down it's difficult to say who they'll take. Much of Ranaudo's fate will hinge on his performance leading up to the draft.
Frankie Piliere spent the last three seasons working as a scout, most recently in the professional scouting department for the Texas Rangers in 2009. He now serves as the National Baseball Analyst here at FanHouse.
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