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Urban Meyer Acknowledges His Health Issue: Esophageal Spasms

Jun 1, 2010 – 4:20 PM
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Clay Travis

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SANDESTIN, Fla. -- Urban Meyer acknowledged the root cause of the health issues that have transfixed the college football universe since they were first reported in the wake of the SEC title game: esophageal spasms. The spasms, which you can read about here, often manifest themselves as intense pain in the chest and heartburn.

While they are not related to the heart, many who experience the spasms believe that they are heart related due to the location of the pain. Esophageal spasms "include difficulty or inability to swallow food or liquid, pain with swallowing, the feeling that food is caught in the center of the chest, and a burning sensation in the chest" according to the source linked above. Meyer said that the diagnosis offered him peace of mind and that he had been prescribed medication to control the episodes. "This is it (the condition). "Take this (pill)," Meyer said.

Meyer declined to say exactly what medication he had been prescribed, but said the pain he described as like "a toothache in your chest," had been abated since late January. As a result, Florida's head coach does not expect his health to sideline him in the future.

Meyer, who resigned on December 26th only to reclaim the helm of his team just before its Sugar Bowl game against Cincinnati, looked composed and trim on Tuesday. Gone was the combative ire that burst into the forefront of the American public in a video confrontation with a reporter during spring practice. Instead Meyer was low-key, calm and following his doctor's advice that encourages him to manage his emotions in an effort, combined with the medication, to stave off further outbreaks.

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Now, of course, the question remains whether quarterback John Brantley will aid or hinder Urban Meyer's indigestion. As it is, Meyer continues to come to grips with last season's loss to Alabama in the SEC championship game, a precipitating incident that led to his hospitalization in December. "We missed over twenty tackles," said Meyer, noting that those missed tackles against good teams turned into big plays.

Whether a healthy Meyer is any more productive than an unhealthy Meyer remains to be seen. In the meantime, Meyer acknowledged that after conversations with other SEC coaches, he'd been surprised at what those coaches did to get away from the game and relieve stress. He noted they take vacations, something he hasn't allowed himself to do, among other things to give themselves a break. "Stunned is a great word," Meyer said for what he uncovered. "You do what?"
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