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John Calipari Refuses to Address Eric Bledsoe Story at SEC Spring Meetings

Jun 2, 2010 – 2:42 PM
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Clay Travis

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SANDESTIN, Fla. -- Making his first public appearance or comment since an investigative report that questioned the eligibility of guard Eric Bledsoe during the 2009-2010 season, Kentucky head coach John Calipari appeared at the Sandestin Hilton as a coach's meeting ended. Standing alongside the downstairs elevators, Calipari took just over three minutes of questions before ducking into an elevator and disappearing.

Before he began to speak publicly, Calipari told a small gathering of reporters that he would not comment on the Eric Bledsoe matter.

He did discuss the difficulties inherent in coaching at a top program like Kentucky.

"Coaching at Kentucky is like being in politics, you've got your core group that absolutely loves you and the others who are trying to unseat you," he said. "That's just how it is if you're at Kentucky."

Asked if it bothered him when there is controversy around his program, Calipari responded, "You'd rather not have it, but I can't control, you know, if someone chooses to write something. I don't have any control."

Asked if he'd talked to Bledsoe since the story broke, Calipari responded, "We're good on that." Immediately asked in the next question if he stood by the way he evaluated transcripts, Calipari flashed some anger for the first time. "Why? What kind of question are you asking? I've already told you no comment on that."

Watch the full question and answer below.

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