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Vince Young Apologizes to Fans, Teammates for Strip Club 'Mistake'

Jun 14, 2010 – 2:35 PM
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Michael David Smith

Michael David Smith %BloggerTitle%

Vince YoungTennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young acknowledged on Monday that he made a "mistake" when he got into an altercation at a strip club over the weekend, and he offered his apologies to the Titans' fans and his teammates.

Young said he shouldn't have even been at the strip club, and he was kicking himself for allowing a friend to talk him into going. Young said he will talk to Titans coach Jeff Fisher about the incident later on Monday, and that he's hoping neither the NFL nor the Titans will suspend him.

The good news for Young is that the Titans have given no indication that they're going to suspend him, and the NFL typically only suspends players under the personal conduct policy if they've shown a pattern of inappropriate behavior off the field. This was the first time Young has been in legal trouble off the field, and that would seem to suggest that he wouldn't face a suspension under the personal-conduct policy.

On the other hand, as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell showed with the Ben Roethlisberger case, any player who makes the league look bad is subject to discipline even if he doesn't face any criminal charges. A high-profile player getting caught on tape punching someone at a strip club certainly makes the league look bad, and it wouldn't be surprising if Goodell decides to suspend Young even though this was a first offense.

And perhaps more important than the question of whether Young will be suspended is the question of whether Young "gets it." Yes, Young says now that he knows he made a mistake in the weekend incident, but he's saying that only because he got caught, and it's right there on the security-camera tape and there's no way he can deny that he was at the strip club and that he punched someone.

When is Young going to realize that he needs to conduct himself like a professional every day, everywhere he goes? And when is he going to realize that when he offers an explanation like, "my friend talked me into going" it sounds more like a flimsy excuse than a valid explanation?

Until Young comes to that realization, it's hard to see how Fisher can be confident in his starting quarterback -- and easy to see why Fisher keeps Kerry Collins around as an insurance policy.
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