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Koman Coulibaly's Wikipedia Page Defaced Within Minutes of US Draw

Jun 18, 2010 – 12:35 PM
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Will Brinson

Will Brinson %BloggerTitle%

Koman Coulibaly -- the referee who handed the US Men's National Team a 2-2 draw against Slovenia after disallowing a goal that would have given USA the win (video here) -- insulted America in the worst way: with poor refereeing. That's not meant as a joke, either. Americans take their on-field management very seriously.

And "insulted" is the nicest possible way to describe what Coulibaly did -- every single announcer and talking head on ESPN's 2010 World Cup coverage wholeheartedly concurred that Coulibaliy, who managed to hand out approximately 35 yellow cards to Slovenia (slight exaggeration), completely disgraced his profession and dogged the USMNT all morning.

ESPN's Alexi Lalas chimed in after the match as well, saying, "He was a disgrace." So, consider me kind. Anyway, America decided to strike back in one of the best ways we know: by defacing his Wikipedia page.

Here's what it looked like around 12:30 p.m. EST:

(Click to embiggen)

The Tony Heyward (BP CEO) comparison is pretty harsh, but, to be perfectly honest, this isn't THAT bad in terms of rude internet smearing. In fact, the Jim Joyce allusion is actually pretty nice -- Coulibaly would probably kill to have Michael Bradley shake his hand the next time they see each other, much less end up getting voted as the best ref in soccer.
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