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Erin Andrews' Interview Turns Constipated and Cheesy

Jun 30, 2010 – 2:04 PM
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Milton Kent

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Erin AndrewsIt's a fair bet that ESPN's Erin Andrews will be spending the Fourth of July holiday looking for a new publicist, or at least she should, particularly if said press agent advised her to grant an interview to Vanity Fair.

The Q&A, which appears in the August issue, opens badly, with George Wayne, a contributing editor who conducts the interview, characterizing Andrews' father, Steve, a Tampa-area television reporter as a "stage daddy who seems to be really in control of your career." Andrews deflected the question, but things only get worse.

Later, Wayne asked Andrews if she had "man-size feet like Paris Hilton." Again, Andrews showed grace, answering that she wears a size-7 and is 5-foot-10 inches tall.

Then, in the clubhouse favorite for the single most insulting query of the year, Wayne asked Andrews, "What is the one thing you take when feeling constipated?" Taken aback by the audacity and incongruity of the question, Andrews answered, "Are you really going to write about that? I'm not going to comment on that. That is kind of weird and I don't feel comfortable answering that question. I have gone through so much in the last year."

Next, Wayne took Andrews' clear allusion to the heavily publicized stalking case from earlier in the year to ask if there was anything she would wish upon Michael Barrett, who was convicted of setting up cameras in Andrews' hotel rooms to watch her naked, then posting those photos online.

Andrews declined to answer that, saying, "The only thing that I would like to do is make sure people do not make a mockery of stalking and stalking victims."

Finally, Wayne went on to insult Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Andrews' partner on "Dancing With The Stars,' calling him "cheesy" and insinuating that he and Andrews had had a faux tabloid romance for the show.

Andrews offered, "Well, all I know is he was a wonderful dance partner and a wonderful human being who looked out for me, who would call me each night after practice to see if I was O.K."

Too bad Chmerkovskiy didn't call Andrews before the interview to tell her it was a bad idea.
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