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2010 NBA Free Agent Tracker

Jul 1, 2010 – 12:00 AM
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FanHouse Staff

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The 2010 NBA free agent class has been the most anticipated in years. With MVPs, perennial All-Stars and young studs on the market, teams are jockeying to play a lead role in the next era of the NBA.

FanHouse's 2010 NBA Free Agent Tracker provides a full accounting of where players have landed. Bookmark it and check back for the latest movement.

A-Z Player Pos. 2009 Team 2010 Team Contract Terms
A Louis Amundson (UFA) F Phoenix Suns Warriors 2 years, $5 million
Joe Alexander (UFA) F Chicago Bulls Hornets Training Camp Invite
Malik Allen (UFA) F Denver Nuggets Magic Training Camp Invite
Ray Allen (UFA) G Boston Celtics Celtics 2 years, $20 million
Tony Allen (UFA) G Boston Celtics Grizzlies 3 years, $10 million
Rafer Alston (UFA) G Miami Heat - -
Joel Anthony (RFA) C Miami Heat Heat 5 years, $18 million
Hilton Armstrong (UFA) C Houston Rockets Wizards 1 year, $992K
Carlos Arroyo (UFA) G Miami Heat Heat 1 year, $1 million
Chucky Atkins (UFA) G Detroit Pistons Suns Training Camp Invite
B Matt Barnes (UFA) F Orlando Magic Lakers 2 years, $4 million
Earl Barron (UFA) F-C New York Knicks - -
Tony Battie (UFA) C New Jersey Nets 76ers 1 year, $1.4 million
Raja Bell (UFA) F Golden State Warriors Jazz 3 years, $10 million
Jonathan Bender (UFA) F New York Knicks - -
Steve Blake (UFA) G Los Angeles Clippers Lakers 4 years, $16 million
Keith Bogans (UFA) G San Antonio Spurs Bulls 3 years
Matt Bonner (UFA) F-C San Antonio Spurs Spurs 4 years, $16 million
Josh Boone (RFA) C New Jersey Nets - -
Carlos Boozer (UFA) F Utah Jazz Bulls 5 years, $75 million
Chris Bosh (UFA) F Toronto Raptors Heat 6 years, $110.1 million
Earl Boykins (UFA) G Washington Wizards Bucks 1 year, $1.3 million
Ronnie Brewer (UFA) F-G Memphis Grizzlies Bulls 3 years, $12.5 million
Primoz Brezec (UFA) C Milwaukee Bucks Russia Overseas
Jon Brockman (RFA) F-C Sacramento Kings Bucks 3 year, $3 million
Bobby Brown (RFA) G Los Angeles Clippers Poland Overseas
Devin Brown (UFA) G Chicago Bulls - -
Kwame Brown (UFA) C Detroit Pistons Bobcats 1 year, $1.3 million
Shannon Brown (UFA) G Los Angeles Lakers Lakers 2 years, $4.6 million
Rasual Butler (UFA) F-G Los Angeles Clippers Clippers 1 year
Will Bynum (RFA) G Detroit Pistons Pistons 3 years, $10.5 million
C Brian Cardinal (UFA) F Minnesota Timberwolves Mavericks Training Camp Invite
Rodney Carney (UFA) F Philadelphia 76ers Warriors Undisclosed
Anthony Carter (UFA) G Denver Nuggets Nuggets 1 year, $1.35 million
Jarron Collins (UFA) C Utah Jazz Clippers Training Camp Invite
Jason Collins (UFA) C Atlanta Hawks Hawks 1 year
Mardy Collins (RFA) G Los Angeles Clippers Wizards Training Camp Invite
Brian Cook (UFA) PF Houston Rockets Clippers 2 years, $2.4 million
Javaris Crittenton (UFA) G Washington Wizards Bobcats Training Camp Invite
D Marquis Daniels (UFA) G Boston Celtics Celtics 1 year, $2.5 million
Yakhouba Diawara (UFA) F-G Miami Heat Italy Overseas
Travis Diener (UFA) G Portland Trail Blazers Italy Overseas
Ike Diogu (UFA) F New Orleans Hornets Pistons Training Camp Invite
Keyon Dooling PG New Jersey Nets Bucks 2 years, $4 million
Chris Duhon (UFA) G New York Knicks Magic 4 years, $15 million
E Francisco Elson (UFA) F-C Philadelphia 76ers Jazz Undisclosed
F Jordan Farmar (UFA) G Los Angeles Lakers Nets 3 years, $12 million
Raymond Felton (UFA) G Charlotte Bobcats Knicks 2 years, $15.8 million
Kyrylo Fesenko (RFA) C Utah Jazz Jazz 1 year, $1.03 million
Michael Finley (UFA) F-G Boston Celtics - -
Derek Fisher (UFA) G Los Angeles Lakers Lakers 3 years, $10.5 million
Randy Foye (UFA) G Washington Wizards Clippers 2 years, $8 million
Adonal Foyle (UFA) C Orlando Magic Retired Moves to Front Office
Channing Frye (UFA) C Phoenix Suns Suns 5 years, $30 million
G Rudy Gay (RFA) F Memphis Grizzlies Grizzlies 5 years, $82 million
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Devean George (UFA) F Golden State Warriors - -
J.R. Giddens (UFA) G New York Knicks Kings Training Camp Invite
Ryan Gomes (UFA) F Portland Trail Blazers Clippers 3 years, $12 million
Drew Gooden (UFA) F-C Los Angeles Clippers Bucks 5 years, $32 million
Joey Graham (UFA) F-G Denver Nuggets Cavaliers 2 years, $2.1 million
Stephen Graham (UFA) F-G Charlotte Bobcats Nets 2 years
Aaron Gray (RFA) C New Orleans Hornets Hornets 2 years
H Al Harrington (UFA) F New York Knicks Nuggets 5 years, $33.4 million
Kenny Hasbrouck (UFA) G Miami Heat Heat Training Camp Invite
Udonis Haslem (UFA) F Miami Heat Heat 5 years, $20 million
Trenton Hassell (UFA) F-G New Jersey Nets - -
Jarvis Hayes (UFA) F New Jersey Nets - -
Brendan Haywood (UFA) C Dallas Mavericks Mavericks 6 years, $55 million
Luther Head (UFA) G Indiana Pacers Hornets 2 years, $2.5 million
Eddie House (UFA) G New York Knicks Heat 2 years, $2.8 million
Josh Howard (UFA) FG Washington Wizards Wizards 1 year, $4 million
Juwan Howard (UFA) F-C Portland Trail Blazers Heat 1 year, $1.35 million
Larry Hughes (UFA) G Charlotte Bobcats - -
Kris Humphries (UFA) F New Jersey Nets Nets Undisclosed
Chris Hunter (RFA) F-C Golden State Warriors - -
Steven Hunter (UFA) C Memphis Grizzlies - -
I Zydrunas Ilgauskas (UFA) C Cleveland Cavaliers Heat 2 years, $2.8 million
Allen Iverson (UFA) G Philadelphia 76ers - -
Royal Ivey (UFA) G Milwaukee Bucks Thunder 1 year
J Cedric Jackson (RFA) G Washington Wizards Cavaliers Training Camp Invite
LeBron James (UFA) F Cleveland Cavaliers Heat 6 years, $110.1 million
Nathan Jawai (RFA) F Minnesota Timberwolves - -
Richard Jefferson (UFA) F San Antonio Spurs Spurs 4 years, $39 million
Amir Johnson (UFA) F Toronto Raptors Raptors 5 years, $34 million
Anthony Johnson (UFA) G Orlando Magic - -
Joe Johnson (UFA) G Atlanta Hawks Hawks 6 years, $123.7 million
K Linas Kleiza (RFA) F Denver Nuggets Raptors 4 years, $18.8 million
Kyle Korver (UFA) F-G Utah Jazz Bulls 3 years, $15 million
L Acie Law (UFA) G Chicago Bulls Grizzlies 1 year
David Lee (UFA) F New York Knicks Warriors 6 years, $80 million
Shaun Livingston (UFA) G Washington Wizards Bobcats 2 years, $7 million
Kyle Lowry (RFA) G Houston Rockets Rockets 4 years, $23.5 million
M Jamaal Magloire (UFA) C Miami Heat Heat 1 year, $1.4 million
Ian Mahinmi (UFA) C San Antonio Spurs Mavericks 2 years, $1.8 million
Sean Marks (UFA) F-C New Orleans Hornets Wizards Training Camp Invite
Cartier Martin (RFA) F-G Washington Wizards Wizards Training Camp Invite
Roger Mason (UFA) F-G San Antonio Spurs Knicks 1 year, $1.4 million
Wesley Matthews (RFA) G Utah Jazz Trail Blazers 5 years, $33.4 million
Sean May (UFA) F-C Sacramento Kings Nets 1 year
DJ Mbenga (UFA) C Los Angeles Lakers Nuggets 1 year
Tracy McGrady (UFA) F-G New York Knicks Pistons 1 year, $1.35 million
Dominic McGuire (RFA) F Sacramento Kings Bobcats 1 year
Darko Milicic (UFA) C Minnesota Timberwolves Timberwolves 4 years, $20 million
Brad Miller (UFA) F-C Chicago Bulls Rockets 3 years, $15 million
Mike Miller (UFA) F-G Washington Wizards Heat 5 years, $30 million
Patrick Mills (RFA) G Portland Trail Blazers Blazers Training Camp Invite
Randolph Morris (UFA) C Atlanta Hawks - -
Adam Morrison (RFA) F Los Angeles Lakers Wizards Training Camp Invite
Anthony Morrow (RFA) F-G Golden State Warriors Nets 3 years, $12 million
Flip Murray (UFA) G Chicago Bulls - -
N Rasho Nesterovic (UFA) C Toronto Raptors Greece 2 years
Steve Novak (UFA) F Los Angeles Clippers Mavericks Training Camp Invite
Dirk Nowitzki (UFA) F Dallas Mavericks Mavericks 4 years, $80 million
O Patrick O'Bryant (UFA) C Toronto Raptors - -
Jermaine O'Neal (UFA) C Miami Heat Filed under: Sports