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Strasburg Not All-Star? Baseball Blunders Again

Jul 4, 2010 – 9:53 PM
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Jay Mariotti

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There's a reason baseball is dying a slow death in this country. Plainly, the people making the decisions are morons. Here we have Stephen Strasburg, the game's biggest non-steroids conversation piece in ages, ready-made to pitch in the summer showcase known as the All-Star Game. Here he is, featured on a Saturday afternoon national telecast, gracing the Sports Illustrated cover in his goatee (emphasis on the goat), packing ballparks in D.C. and elsewhere because people want to see his 100-mph heater and tell their kids and grandkids that they saw Him when he was 21.

Here he is, a care package dropped onto a sport that doesn't deserve such gifts.

And there they go, the dunderheads in charge, leaving him off the National League roster and out of the game entirely.

Something is embarrassingly wrong with the leadership of an industry that wouldn't take advantage of this meteorite on a night, July 13 at Angel Stadium, when large numbers of TV viewers are watching. I don't care that he has pitched only six games in his big-league career. I don't care that he struggled with control and exited after five innings and 96 pitches in his weekend start against the New York Mets. What I know is that Strasburg is on the tips of too many tongues to ignore his amazing early impact, his magnetic presence and, oh, the fact the NL is trying to break a 13-game losing streak and win home-field advantage in the World Series -- no paltry prize -- for the first time in the eight years since this traditional exhibition took on greater significance.
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