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Miami Heat Are Pushing to Land LeBron With Wade and Bosh

Jul 7, 2010 – 12:35 PM
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Will Brinson

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Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade on Wednesday announced their intentions to sign with the Miami Heat when they can officially put ink to paper. And while the world has to wait for LeBron James' special Thursday night to find out where he'll head, it turns out his decision might not be as simple as just "returning home alone."

That's because the Heat are, according to Ken Berger of earlier Wednesday, pushing for a "coup" that would involve LeBron joining Bosh and Wade in South Beach.

ESPN's Chad Ford and Henry Abbott then reported the news that Bron, Wade and Bosh engaged in the Free Agent Summit v2.0.1 -- a conference call between the "Big 3" this morning that was designed to, presumably, convince LeBron that he should join Bosh/Wade in South Beach.

Amidst all this, almost everyone is in agreement that LeBron is headed to either Cleveland or Miami, with the Knicks and the Bulls still somehow playing the possible role of darkhorse in all of this, according to ESPN Sportscenter anchors who, quite conveniently, would probably prefer that LeBron not remove any candidates from "The Decision," which -- in case you hadn't heard -- will be aired live on ESPN Thursday night.

So, let's be reasonable here and say that right now, LeBron is either deciding between returning to Cleveland and chasing the "hometown hero" legacy or joining Wade and Bosh in Miami to form a super team that would somehow be a disappointment if it resulted in less than three titles in five years.

It's a salary cap reality (as Tom Ziller noted earlier today) and the result would be devastating for the rest of the NBA, save those poor ring-less veterans willing to play for the minimum in the hopes of chasing a title.
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