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Fan Wearing LeBron James Heat Jersey Draws Ire of Indians Fans

Jul 28, 2010 – 11:34 PM
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Pat McManamon

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Miami Heat LeBron James fan at Indians gameCLEVELAND -- A man wearing a LeBron James Miami Heat jersey was escorted from the Progressive Field bleachers during the sixth inning of the Yankees' 8-0 win over the Indians Wednesday night.

The fan evidently was heckling fans while wearing the jersey, and when he did it in the bleachers the Cleveland fans responded.

As police arrived a chant of "Kick him out" rose from the bleachers, with several Cleveland fans spewing verbal venom toward the fan wearing the Heat jersey. When police arrived to escort the fan out of the stands, the crowd cheered.

Videos posted online from fans in the bleachers on Sports By Brooks showed the fan arriving and being heckled. He responded, evidently in strong terms as before long the seats around the couple were empty.

Police escorted the couple to the exits, and as they did the girl -- who was wearing a Grady Sizemore jersey -- appeared to shove some of the fans yelling at her. The man seemed unbothered; he continued to turn and show his Heat jersey to the crowd as he left. Fans in the area said they were told the fan was escorted out of the bleachers because he was provoking other fans and being disruptive. Police wanted to avoid a bigger problem.

James played for the Cleveland Cavaliers for seven years, but recently joined the Miami Heat as a free agent. The move left Cleveland fans angry and disappointed -- and they did not appreciate seeing the Heat jersey in the Indians' home stadium.
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