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Tim Tebow Reportedly Wants More Money Than Dez Bryant

Jul 28, 2010 – 8:15 PM
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Anthony Olivieri

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Tim TebowTim Tebow did not report to Denver Broncos' training camp Wednesday, when rookies first arrived. Tebow and the Broncos have yet to agree on a contract because the former Florida star reportedly wants more money.

And it's all Dez Bryant's fault. Sort of.

Citing ESPN's Ed Werder, Pro Football Talk reported that Tebow's agent, Jimmy Sexton, wants his client to make more than Bryant, the Dallas Cowboys receiver who was selected one spot ahead of Tebow in April.

The report said that Sexton believes Tebow -- selected 25th overall -- should earn more because he is a quarterback, which is a premium position. Sexton wants Tebow to "to get a bigger signing bonus, higher base salaries and more money overall" than Bryant, the 24th pick, according to PFT.

Tebow and the Broncos are close to cementing the deal, according to the report, but coach Josh McDaniels still was upset with his new pupil for wasting valuable time -- something he told Tebow directly during a phone call.

"You're missing time and you can't afford to miss it," McDaniels told Tebow, according to PFT's citation of Werder. "You're not going to get these snaps back."

Bryant, for his part, has been a part of many headlines already this summer. Earlier this week, he skirted rookie protocol by refusing to carry the pads of teammate Roy Williams after a workout. But as a receiver, the noted position of divas, Bryant's obstinance was not a shock.

Tebow, though, was drafted more for his intangibles -- work ethic and leadership -- than anything else. It makes an absence over money all the more unlikely, especially since Tebow has been regarded as a player without any blemishes on or off the field.

Tebow's devotion to his religion has helped cultivate his perfect image, one that most likely will remain in tact if this is resolved quickly. But it makes you wonder, is any player immune from the wants and needs of the almighty sports agent?
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