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Darrelle Revis or Albert Haynesworth: Who's the Bigger Dummy?

Aug 2, 2010 – 2:00 AM
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Jay Mariotti

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In an economic climate that isn't to be trusted, in an America that doesn't know if it's headed for a recovery or a depression, no one sheds sympathy for thick-skulled, well-compensated football players. These men should appreciate what they have and show up for training camp in shape and in love with their lives. Two in particular might want to realize today what we're thinking about them.

Darrelle Revis? We're thinking you're a selfish baby who just interrupted the unthinkable -- a possible season-long J-E-T-S toga party, which could be one of the great stories ever in New York sports -- with a contract holdout and unnecessary camp no-show.

And Albert Haynesworth? We're laughing out loud, big guy, amazed and thrilled that your new coach is picking on you and humiliating you because you aren't in playing shape, the least a professional can do for his $100 million contract and recent $21 million bonus.

Here are the Jets, the buzz of the NFL, selected by HBO to star in the "Hard Knocks" reality series and raising expectations to levels not experienced since the Joe Willie Namath days. And there is Revis, their All-Pro cornerback, spiking the green Kool-Aid when he blew off the first mandatory team meeting Sunday night, officially prioritizing his contract situation over team goals. He's forfeiting collective guarantees of $20 million for 2011 and 2012, meaning his vanishing act could last for quite some time and putting a downer in the preseason frenzy that suggests the Jets will win a Super Bowl in the same season they debut in a new stadium.

Never mind that other Jets players seeking new deals were in camp. "We decided it would be best for me to be in camp," All-Pro center Nick Mangold said. "That's the decision we made, and we're moving forward."
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